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Top Five Features of the May 2019 Update

25 mayo, 2021

The latest major update for Windows 10, the May 2019 Update It has already been released by Microsoft and will begin to reach all users progressively. This time you will have to download and install it manually, since Windows Update is now more polite.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth updating, that’s always a relative thing, depending on how much you value what’s new in relation to keeping an old version (probably more stable) for a few more months. But to help you decide more informed, we are going to review the most striking features of Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

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Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox

Imagine that you can test all kinds of scripts and executable files on a Windows 10 within your Windows 10 in a safe and isolated environment without putting your system at risk, and without having to install virtual machines.

That’s Windows Sandbox, a new feature in Windows 10 that gives us access to a lightweight desktop environment specifically created to run applications safely in a secure environment.

This feature is built into Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, without the need to download anything additional. Just go to the menu to enable and disable Windows features and check the “Windows Sandbox” box. Then look for Windows Sandbox from the start menu, when you run it, in a few seconds you will have a window to another Windows 10 completely isolated and disposable once closed.

New start menu

The start menu is one that has received a great batch of news with the May update, but perhaps the first one that you will notice at a glance is that it is now a bit simpler in terms of intuitiveness. For example, now when you hover the mouse pointer over the side icons, Windows will automatically show you a menu bar that says exactly what they are for.

Another very important novelty is that we can not only group tiles as we please in folders such as on our mobile desktops, but also we can unpin entire groups of tiles in one click, without having to do it one by one.

Screenshot 15 Png

But the best of all is in the performance, since for the first time, the start menu will have its own process independent of the Shell, that is, if, for example, the explorer crashes, this will not also affect the start menu, and vice versa. , the problems with the start menu will not affect the rest of the system which will now appear as its only process called StartMenuExperienceHost.exe. So now the start menu will be faster and also more reliable.

Cortana Free Search

Search Windows 10 May Update New Windows 10 search separate from Cortana

Another thing that you will notice quickly after updating, is that the search has divorced cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant now walks on its own side and will not live alongside the Windows 10 search engine.

Microsoft claims to have done this to improve both experiences on its side more efficiently, and in fact, text search is faster thanks to the new indexer. Cortana is going to be limited almost entirely to voice operations.

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Clear theme

Clear Theme Windows 10 May 2019 Update

This may not be an especially useful feature, but for many it’s more than welcome, with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update finally we have a really clear theme for the system. And what this means is basically that we can finally enjoy a completely white taskbar, apart from several other elements that did not change to a light color either.

The normal Windows 10 theme was previously considered the “Clear” option, that has now changed to this new “luminous” theme and the main difference with the previous one, apart from the white bar, is that now Windows 10 apps also They have black icons for contrast, and we have received a new wallpaper.

Of course, you must activate it manually, since Windows 10 will leave everything as you had after updating, instead of changing to the new clear theme automatically, in case you did not want it.

New Windows Update

Windows update

Finally, the biggest relief for many has to do with updates and the way Windows 10 informs you of them, downloads and installs them. For example, when there are important updates, you will now see a new icon on the taskbar as an alert so you know that Windows Update requires your attention.

From the Windows configuration you will now see news such as the possibility of pause updates quickly for up to seven days, in a single click, and this is available even in Windows 10 Home, famous for not having allowed to pause any updates since the launch of Windows 10.

And, as we already mentioned, no more updates being downloaded and installed automatically at the worst time. Windows Update will now ask before downloading and installing things, unless too much time has passed and the system already considers that you are near the end of support for your current version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update has many more news, some like the new Kaomoji keyboard, the new game bar, the automatic troubleshooter, the best support for RAW, the arrival of Windows Timeline for Chrome, etc. Are things that we will review further in our review of this version, but broadly speaking, these five have seemed the most outstanding.