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Translated English results and default SSL for registered users

23 mayo, 2021

Still with the hangover of Google’s new algorithm, Panda, we have more news in the search engine. The first is related to language: Google will start provide search results in English when you search in your language.

There are languages ​​that are rarely used online: for example, if you do a search in Swahili you will find very few results. Google intends to remove the language barrier, and will start offering some results in English. If Google finds English pages that are relevant to your search, then some will appear among the usual results. From there, you can go to both the original and the translated version.

Google search


It seems like a very good idea to me: it facilitates access to information that is not in your language, gives more relevant results and will surely help you learn English, which never hurts. For now, the results in English will only appear if you search in any of these 14 languages: African, Malay, Swahili, Serbian, Slovak, Macedonian, Slovenian, Norwegian, Indian, Catalan, Maltese, Icelandic, Welsh, and Albanian. If you read Genbeta, you will probably be affected (at most) by searching in Catalan.

The second novelty is the Connection SSL by default in Google searches for all registered users. The safe search in Google appeared already last year, but until now it was optional and only if you went directly to Now, any user who has entered with their Google account will be redirected to the version HTTPS.

Google SSL

Advantage? The search is encrypted, and most importantly, our Google account is more protected. Disadvantages? Statistical systems depended on the Url you came from (the referrer) to know with what search terms you had reached a page. Now, as the search is encrypted, the system will only be able to know that you have come from Google, nothing more. For search statistics you will have to go to Google Webmaster Tools, which offers more limited and general data

Bottom line: including safe search is good for users, but I don’t think webmasters who rely on statistics find it very funny.

Via | The Official Google Blog | Inside Search