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27 mayo, 2021

From the hand of Hispavista, what those times, they have just released a new YouTube clone in Spanish. Your TV is the name of this new social video hosting service which allows you to upload videos of different formats whose maximum allowed duration is 10 minutes or up to 300 Mb in weight per file.

One thing that we are going to miss is the “traditional” form of voting, since it is done Digg-style, since on the main page we have a series of videos, ordered according to the chosen period of time and between popular or pending , which we must vote positively or negatively. It allows us to comment on the videos, add them as favorites and even add them to our website using the code they provide.

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In addition, we can subscribe to videos by tags, by categories and by users, as well as the option to receive a daily email newsletter with the best videos.

Now, the system still suffers from bugs, starting because it does not display all the characters correctly, a reduced interface compared to its competitors and somewhat poor, with less clear options. One accustomed to YouTube and Dailymotion sees this service poor at first, especially when recent services such as LiveVideo widely outperform in all kinds of cases. Of course, both YouTube and Dailymotion, like many other services, have been modifying and improving their corresponding sites over time.

At least it joins like this with other video hosting services in Spanish such as vpod, although they should wake up since the fight is very hard and, unless they try to improve their service and advertise through a good marketing plan, they will have a hard time facing it. other services such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Video, metacafe or revver, which already have their niche in the market.

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