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Turn your MacBook into a typewriter with this great free app

27 mayo, 2021

Those of us who are of a certain age remember fondly the typewriters, a kind of precursor to the laptops we use today.

The truth is typing is a completely different experienceFor both the sound, the touch of the keys and a key aspect: you have to move forward, and you cannot erase if you have made a mistake.


Many options to configure

If you are looking for a similar experience in digital, a good option is to try Winston, a new free application for macOS that has been developed by Chris Messina (who assures that he has been inspired by Ommwriter to bring this tool to life).

You may configure many aspects: from the color of the typewriter, the background (different scenarios), the sound it emits, the color of the typeface or the type of paper you want to write on.

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A key point is that you can bet on a realistic experience, and that it is not possible to delete the characters if you have made a mistake (they will appear crossed out), although it is an option that you can deactivate if you prefer.

Window And Untitled

In the bottom right, a hashtag-shaped symbol appearsIf we activate it, it will tell us how many words we have written in each document.

Another positive point is that when we finish writing, we will have different ways to export it: from a simple .TXT as if we want to generate a .PDF file that preserves the type of folio we have chosen and the classic typography of a typewriter.

Hopefully I will port this application to other operating systems (Windows, Linux or Android) and, personally, I would like to have this application available to be able to use it on an iPad.