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Twelve online tools and services to create animations without advanced knowledge

21 mayo, 2021

A few weeks ago we made several compilations for all those who felt curiosity for designing your own logo and website without the need for advanced knowledge in the field. Some tools that facilitated this process and that although they do not replace the hands of a professional, they serve to form a composition of place, satisfy our concerns, and so on.

Well, today it is the turn of the services to create animations and animated videos without knowing programming. In our selection they have room from extremely simple apps to other utilities that achieve results with a very professional appearance. Keep reading to know its peculiarities.


Wildly popular, Wideo is perfect for those who don’t want to rack their brains, especially with these tools. Thus, it offers us the possibility of explaining ourselves on the fly how animations are created. However, it is not the simplest on this list.

To start using itIn addition, you must register (you can also do it through Facebook and Google+). Then you will have to choose the plan with which you want to use Wideo, each of which offers us some possibilities. Keep in mind that the free option only allows 30-second clips that we can embed. Indicating our profile is the next step (if we are a large company, an independent professional or similar).


From then on, it will put at our disposal a series of templates grouped by categories that we can edit by adding different interactive elements: images, objects, text, buttons and backgrounds. As for the first ones, we can search for them in Google or upload them –they have to be in jpg-, while the objects are classified by categories and are customizable.

It also has some melodies royalty-free that you can add to your creations. On the other hand, the tool includes the possibility of sharing the result on social networks and also uploading it to YouTube with a single click. However, to download it in high resolution you will have to pay $ 39 per year.


Also very simple and complete, Powtoon is an excellent tool to carry out animations. With automatic transitions it is focused for different uses: videos for websites, for product demos, explanations and videos for social networks. Some jobs that exemplify at the bottom of the portal.

To use it and as in the previous cases, you will have to register and enter your email (yes, even if you do it with Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn) and confirm it in the email you receive. The next step will be to choose the destination of the video, that is, what are you going to use it for. Depending on this you will have to specify more or less.


We tried the freelancer option and a wide range of categories appears, something that is repeated if we modify our choice. A variety that attracts attention and models that we can customize. Doing it is very easy; it is enough to select the element that we want to modify and use the tool panel located on the right margin of the screen. And although the options are not as many as in previous cases, it allows you to embed photos, objects, text and more.

In addition to what has been said, the web offers us a blog and various tutorials so that we can get the most out of the tool. It also has various plans, in addition to the free one, whose price ranges between 89 and 197 dollars per year and that allow you to remove the watermark, download the files in high quality, and so on.

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Scratch, for its part, is a tool from the educational faction of MIT designed so that the little ones have the possibility of “creating stories, games, animations and sharing them with other people from all over the world.” The web includes examples to make your teeth long and that you dare to try, something that will take you to a very simple process.

In fact, to spend it you will not even need to register, but you will enter directly into the editing panel to the left of which is the stage and the objects (which we can also upload). On the right are the movements, sound appearance, pencil, operators and other features.


As for GoAnimate, you can use it for free during the 14-day trial period. To start doing it, select a topic and register (or vice versa, in any case, the application will ask you to continue). Immediately afterwards you will enter the editing panel that, anyone who has touched something in Flash will find it tremendously family.

In the upper part are the tools and the stage, while in the lower part a timeline is created in which we can modify the order of the clips, and so on. Of course, the type of elements that we can add is somewhat limited, especially if we compare it with previous tools. In addition, templates they have nothing to do with it either (they are in 2D). Now, adding new characters and actions is very easy, since we only have to select them from a list.


Moviestorm, for its part, is one of our clear favorites because it offers results and possibilities that will surprise anyone. However, it is easy to use. Now, to do so you will need to download it, but it is worth it. You can download any of its versions –for filmmakers, unlimited and junior education-. To run it we had to obtain a package that offers compatibility with old software on our MAC.


Then we can create our stage or set, choosing the furniture and other objects that are predefined. Then we will choose the characters protagonists, some actors in the purest SIM style whose attributes we have the option to choose. The next part is choosing when and where we want them to act. To indicate the movements, just go to the place with the selected character. Once the actions are ready we will give you to “film” and that’s it. We can even add credits and titles. Very entertaining.

In addition, the website makes available to those interested a wide range of resources, from packages with scenery, to guides, video tutorials, forums, examples of other users, documentation, legal information, a blog, news, specific advice, and so on.


VideoScribe is another similar free tool. However, you can try it without making any outlay for only one week. In this time you will have the opportunity to try it. The first thing, yes, will be to register and download it. On the home page they begin by offering us four basic video tutorials on how to use it and instructions for installation.

When launching the application, we will be offered help again in a pop-up window. We start by adding a new scenario and selecting, from among the tools from the top, an image. This will be predefined and can be searched through the built-in engine that offers this feature. There is also the possibility of upload it from our computer or find it on the net.

Once selected we will modify the size on the same canvas and we will add graphics, music, recordings, text and other configurable components to our measure. In the lower area of ​​the screen a composition of the video structure is drawn, the elements of which can be altered.

The final result, in any case, will be marked by what characterizes this utility: a video drawn by a hand or pencil – We can even determine the type of color, pen or similar with which the stroke will be carried out and preview the effect. It is perfect for animated presentations and explanations. If you like it, you will have to pay 11 euros per month


As for Animaker, it reminds us of GoAnimate in that it shows some characters capable of performing different movements and actions, and in that it presents a good interface. In any case, we cannot give more details. To begin with, it is essential to comment that this utility has different applications: for content, companies, the educational field, storytelling and presentations.

Once the sector to which we belong has been determined, it will direct us to different templates organized by themes and plans (in addition to the free one, the company offers several Premiums that extend the basic benefits from $ 9 per month). You can modify the model on the following screen, in the central part of which appears the work space.

On the left we find the scenes in the purest Power Point style, below the line of weather with one part for the music and another for the images and text. In the area on the right are the characters among which it is possible to choose. In addition to people, we find objects of all kinds.

When we have chosen it we will have the option of configure in its corresponding box, including predefined actions, gestures, colors and effects. Its position and size are other aspects that can be altered.


Under the premise that you create videos to promote videos, to launch MakeWebVideo we will also have to choose a template. The categories into which they are organized include more original options than usual, such as scrapbooks, cartoons, and videos to promote apps, for example. It is enough to pass over them so that they begin to reproduce. At the bottom of the preview, the price of each of them also appears.

When we have chosen it we can edit it. Of course, the panel is very different from what the previous tools have used to us, in fact, the explanations appear step by step and the benefits do not have to be intuited. The scenes are located in the upper part and the modifications are introduced in the different boxes for the elements that appear in it.


Explee, likewise, is focused on the business world because, unlike some of those mentioned, it lacks funny drawings and focuses on “more serious” animations. It can be tested for 14 days, a period that we have decided to release to explain how it works.

In order to…