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Twitter introduces an “Activity” tab that collects all recent activity

26 mayo, 2021

It seems that Facebook is not the only one worried about the arrival of Google+, and is that Twitter has been announcing more news in recent days than in a long time. If a couple of days ago we were talking about the possibility of uploading images directly from the platform itself, today we are talking about another interesting novelty: the “Activity” tab.

Although this option is not yet implemented for everyone (it will gradually reach all users, as is usual), we have already seen the first screenshots, as you can see on these lines. This new tab, accessible from the Twitter web interface, will show the recent activity of the users we follow. For example, the favorites they make will appear there, if they follow someone new, if they retweet …

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Does it sound familiar? Yes, quite similar to the “Latest News” section of Facebook. The problem, in this case, is that apparently anyone can access this tab, so anyone can see that five minutes ago you bookmarked a tweet, that ten minutes ago you followed another user, etc. From the social network they do not comment if there is a possibility of deactivating this option for those who are quite suspicious of their privacy.

The “Activity” tab is not the only novelty that we will see in the coming days, and it is that Twitter has also tweaked the @Mentions section. From now on that tab will be renamed after the user and will not only include the mentions that people make to us, but will also show who has started to follow you, if someone has bookmarked your tweet, if they have retweeted you … Come on, a history of your entire presence on the platform.

It is no coincidence that all the news comes now, a week after the old Twitter design has been removed for all users. It is not by chance that both Twitter and Facebook have put the batteries in this aspect, and that is that Google+ is still in a very early stage but their figures are already scary. These will surely not be the only changes we will see in the coming weeks.

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