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Twitter will show the trending topics based on the user’s profile

27 mayo, 2021

It appears that Twitter is working hard to change the way it displays information to users. After the premiere of their hashtag pages for tracking events, today they announced that Twitter will show the trending topics based on the user’s profile.

It involves modifying the calculation algorithms when displaying trending topics based on the location of the user and the people they follow. They will be displayed in this way both in the web version and in the applications available for iOS and Android.

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These trending topics will be displayed by default but the user will be able to choose through his profile if he wants them to be shown more generally by deactivating the location of the Tweets. In any case, you can always continue to review global trends or those of other countries as we have been doing so far. To do this, we only have to select which trends we want to see, whether they are global, by country or city, to show them.

This feature is already in place and will go away adding to our profiles over the next few days. The truth is that it can be something interesting, at least for me, that I look little at global or local trends, but they attract my attention more when one of the people I follow comments something about a hashtag. That’s when the value of the recommendation prompts me to search.

The truth is that these trends and searches through hashtags are increasingly used and Twitter seems to be betting on a better user experience. We’ll see when they get to us if they get it. On the other hand, I think that from now on being a Trending Topic will have less value, as it is personalized for each user.

Via | Genbeta Social Media
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