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Ubuntu 17.04 is now available, the latest version that Unity will use officially

24 mayo, 2021

The latest stable version of one of the most iconic and well-known Linux distros in history has been released, Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus can now be downloaded. But unfortunately the news is quite overshadowed by the crisis Canonical is facing at the moment.

Not only have they thrown away the idea of ​​convergence and decided to abandon Unity, but on the very day of launch, with absolutely no hype, the current CEO of the company has resigned and also will lay off more than 80 employees.

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Ubuntu 17.04 is not an extended support release. The next update of this type will be Ubuntu 18.04, and from that, the distribution will go back to its roots and use GNOME as a desktop environment. We could say that it is the end of an era, which coincidentally coincides with the last letter of the alphabet and the use of “Z” in the name of the version.

Few are the news that must be mentioned, Ubuntu with Unity has been practically the same for about 6 versions. The differences between Ubuntu 15.04 and 17.04 are minimal. However, it is important to note that as of this version, new Ubuntu installations they will no longer use the swap partition or exchange area.

Ubuntu 17.04 uses a swap file by default that does not cover more than 5% of the free disk space or more than 2048 MB of RAM. Along with this, the Linux kernel is updated to version 4.10, compatible with AMD Ryzen and Intel Kaby Lake processors.

Honestly, there are not many reasons to update, however, if you want to get hold of the latest version of Ubuntu that Unity will use officially, this is the final opportunity.

Download | Ubuntu 17.04
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