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Ubuntu 19.10 is here, booting faster than ever and breaking traditions for user convenience

25 mayo, 2021

The launch of the new version of Canonical’s operating system is scheduled for this October 17, 2019. Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine’ It is the latest regular version of the distro before the next extended support release. However, in many other things it is the first.

If you are using Ubuntu 19.04 you can upgrade directly to Ubuntu 19.10, but if you are using the 18.04 LTS, you will only be able to do it to the next LTS, that is Ubuntu 20.04. If you want to do a clean installation, you will have to download the image from the official Canonical website. The ISO weighs just over 2GB, and remember that only 64-bit images exist anymore.

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A first time for many things

Ubuntu 19 10 Installer

With Ubuntu 19.10 the distro includes proprietary NVIDIA drivers within the ISO for the first time in its historyThis means that directly on the installation screen you will have the option to select if you want the latest driver for your graphics if you use one of this brand.

It is a decision that anyone who knows a little about the free software communities will understand was controversial, but for Canonical the important thing is that now many users, especially gamers, have everything easier when configuring their installation.

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And just on the gamer issue, after all the controversy with Valve and Steam, Canonical has decided to “commit” to make the distro have a 32-bit functional space for legacy software like Steam and WINE, now that official support as such for 32-bit libraries has been abandoned almost altogether.

Ubuntu 80s Glitch By Abubakar Nk One of the new Ubuntu 19.10 wallpapers

Another thing that is coming for the first time is the support for the ZFS file system, although this is highly experimental, and although you can install Ubuntu using this file system, it is not recommended for now.

And, thanks to the LZ4 compression, boot and boot speeds should also be faster than ever.

Ubuntu 19.10 arrives with it Linux kernel 5.3, GNOME 3.34, PulseAudio 13.0, the latest versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, and LibreOffice as always. The Yaru theme and icons have also been updated with some changes, the application launcher now allows creating folders, Calendar has improved event creation, and a new batch of wallpapers have been included.

Download | Ubuntu 19.10 Official Images