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Unfriend or unfollow someone on Facebook? Here is the difference

25 mayo, 2021

Many of you will have seen yourself in the situation of clean up on Facebook. Whatever the reason, there is always that person whose updates no longer interest you. But if you stop being their friend, that may also show up in the real world. Which you don’t want to happen. What to do then?

There are an option called “Unfollow” It allows for just what we want: to no longer see someone’s updates on our Facebook cover, but still remain their friend. We can access it through the upper left arrow that is in all published messages.

FACEBOOK keeps a record of ALL WEBSITES you visit so you can DEACTIVATE IT

In this way, we will have all the friends we want but we can filter them and show on our cover only those that really interest us (curiously, it does the same in a simpler way, differentiating between friends and “noise”).

Now the only thing missing is to be able to make good excuses for when those friends that we silence tell us why we do not reply to their publications.

In Genbeta | Facebook knows a lot about you and will use it to show you ads on other websites