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Unity 3D, video game development for iOS and Android, free until April 8

27 mayo, 2021

For those who do not know, Unity 3D is a tool that helps us develop video games for various platforms using an editor and scripting to create video games with a professional finish. This tool is accessible to the public in different versions, free and professional, each with its advantages and limitations, obviously the most complete is the professional one but it is necessary to make an outlay that not everyone can afford and especially if we are starting to use said tool.

These versions that I have commented are focused on developing video games for PC, Mac and Web through a plugin for viewing. However, in addition to these “basic” versions, there are additions that allow us to transfer our development to mobile devices, evidently making an outlay to obtain said license and be able to use these extra features in this tool. But it seems that the guys at Unity want to convince us that the outlay is worth it and allow the acquisition completely free of charge, until April 8, of a license so that we can perform development for iOS and Android devices with the free version of their tool, Unity 3D.

In addition to this tool, there are others on the market, perhaps more famous, such as UDK from Epic Games or CryEngine from Crytek. However, one of the advantages that we obtain with Unity 3D is that we are not anchored to Windows to be able to carry out our developments, since it has version for both Windows and Mac, which a server, who uses gadgets from the block, appreciates.

Unity 3D provides us with a visual editor very useful and complete where by means of a few clicks we can import our 3D models, textures, sounds, etc. and then work with them. It also includes the MonoDevelop development tool with which we can create scripts in JavaScript, C # and a Python dialect called Boo with which to extend the functionality of the editor, using the API that it provides and which we find documented along with tutorials and resources on its official website.

Also, if we are not very handy with 3D or we need resources for our games, in the application itself we can access a store as if it were the App Store, where we will find a multitude of free and paid resources. We can even extend the tool through plugins that we will get in said store.

With this license that they provide us for free, I repeat Until 8 April, allows us to package our project for PC, Mac, Web, iOS and Android, in the case of the last two creating a project with the source code, libraries and resources necessary to be able to treat them, as for example in the case of iOS, to be signed and uploaded to their respective stores.

Keep in mind that the license they offer us is valid for Unity 3D in its free version, so we will not have the features that the professional version offers us, but I think that to start and make our first steps in the world of development of video game offers all the necessary tools. Do not miss this opportunity and get a license. It’s free!

Official website | Unity 3D