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Until now you could avoid using the newer version of Youtube, but that will be over in March

27 mayo, 2021

YouTube released a new design in August 2017, with which it introduced the so-called ‘material design’ and innovations such as the dark theme. However, even though you may not know him, during these two and a half years we have been free to stop going back to the design of 2017.

Up to now. As YouTube managers have announced on their corporate blog, “in previous versions [del portal] many of the new features and improvements are missing of design that we have been introducing during the last 3 years “, so that they have decided that, as of March of this year, We can only access the latest desktop version of YouTube.

Anyone who is using a previous version, you will see a notice prompting you to “Switch to the new YouTube”. Likewise, in the event that your browser is not compatible with the new version, you will be informed in the same notification. If you have not been able to update your browser by March, you will be left without access to the Google video portal.

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But how can I get back to the old design before March rolls around?

If you are one of those who have discovered that the old YouTube design was still operational for whoever wanted it, maybe your curiosity has piqued you for taking one last look at him before you’re forced to say goodbye forever. So tand you will ask how to return to the same.

It’s not easy. For a while after the last change, it could be done without major problems from the same drop-down menu from which we can activate the dark theme today. However, that option is no longer available.

So you will have to call on the developer console that most browsers have built-in. On those based on Chrome, just press F12 and, in the new section that will be displayed on the right of your screen, click on ‘Application‘(on top of it) and after’Cookies>‘in the left area.

After that, you just have to create or edit a row with the name ‘PREF’ and the value ‘al = en & f5 = 30030 & f6 = 8‘. We reload the page and ready! We will be viewing a slightly retro version of YouTube and the corresponding notice encouraging us to change it to the current design.

Old Youtube 2