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Update Microsoft Security Essentials without the need for Windows Update

27 mayo, 2021

If you decided to retire your old antivirus and switch to the Microsoft How good it looked at its launch, you may have noticed that to update its virus definitions you have to do it through Windows update.

This may seem like a great idea at first glance, so we update the entire system, Windows, Office, antivirus and others, but analyzing it cold personally I think it is a mistake. I do not know why the antivirus update has been considered this way, but what is certain is that many people have the updates disabled or simply update manually when they want.


In this way, if someone has the updates disabled (something that is really absurd but in which we are not going to go into) they would be literally sold, with an antivirus that is really not going to help you at all.

Thanks to MSE Update we can update Microsoft Security Essentials ignoring Windows Update. We can also tell it to run at the beginning and in what time interval it should update, being able to choose between daily, weekly, monthly or at the beginning of the application. I personally would mark the option that the tool is run at system startup and that it is also updated as soon as the application is opened.

The application is in English and requires .NET 3.5.

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