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updates to let you hide it from the list of apps

26 mayo, 2021

Google Play Music is dead and buried for a long time: the app does not work, all the uploaded songs were deleted and the store disappeared last year, but the application is still on millions of mobile phones, as it came pre-installed with Android. The latest and possibly final Google Play Music update arrives to give you the last goodbye.

This is a small update that changes the screen that appears when you open it since the service was closed, adding options to hide Google Play Music from app list and erase your data, to free up space on your device.

The latest update of Google Play Music

Google Play Music has become a useless application since Google decided to replace it with YouTube Music: when you open it, all that appears is a window indicating that you should use YouTube Music instead. Google has updated now Google Play Music to allow you to remove it from mobile or, at least, hide it.

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With version 8.29.9112-1.W, which you will find on Google Play in the next few hours or that you can download and install from its APK, are added three new options To get rid of Google Play Music: hide application, delete all local data and open application information.

Pressing Hide app, Google Play Music will no longer show up in the app drawer and there is no way to start it again, not even from Google Play. The app continues to appear, yes, in the section Applications of the Android settings, although it cannot be opened either.


On the other hand, the option Delete all local data It will help you delete downloads and other data that may have remained in the mobile storage and that you can no longer delete, as the application no longer has any functionality. Open application information meanwhile, it opens the system panel with the information from Google Play Music.

These new options are nothing you couldn’t do on your own now disabling the app, which removes its data and hides it from the list of available apps, although the process is not exactly intuitive, so it is appreciated that it is a little easier to remove the umpteenth Google application from the middle – with respect, yes. that has passed away.

Via | 9to5Google