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‘Uploader’ with 30,000 files behind him talks about the passivity of the industry in the face of downloads

26 mayo, 2021

“TorrentFreak”: http: // has published a couple of very interesting articles in which they talk to John, a uploader from movies and series to direct download and streaming pages. With a catalog of 30,000 titles, John has a lot of experience in the sector and knows how the content industry moves.

In his conversations with the editors of the website – which have been reflected in “dos”: http: // ” posts “: http: //– the interviewee talks about two very interesting questions: the passivity of the administrators of direct download pages and how some film studios and production companies understand the added value of downloads of contents free.

The ‘repeaters’


Most direct download or cloud storage services have policies to prevent users from uploaders commit crimes more than once. When the administrators of these sites receive a notification from the DMCA or other organizations, they proceed to remove the corresponding links and notify the uploader. If this happens again, the storage services should warn the user that their account is going to be closed.

However, this almost never happens. “Never. The only thing I receive is an email from the web pages in which they tell me that a link has been deleted. I simply upload the file again, which is still in my seedbox, and I send it back to the streaming pages, “says John.

In other words: most pages are the first interested in this type of traffic and content exchange. Something that we already knew and that helps many to position themselves against this type of services.

Studies “look the other way” with some series

In recent years “various studies” have been published: https: // entertainment claiming that downloading copyrighted content does not affect sales levels. Moreover, sometimes they even function as a “communication and marketing channel”: https: // -selling-e-books.

“Maybe Chuck Lorre has realized that this extra hearing is worth it.”

This is something that John has witnessed in recent years. “My experience is that pay channels such as HBO, Showtime or Starz are the ones that send the most notifications to remove links to their shows. My opinion is that the rest only do it occasionally because they have to tell their partners advertisers and investors who are doing something but secretly saying they love having a bigger audience and fans, “says John.

The most striking case for this uploader is that of The Big Bang Theory. When you upload an episode of the series, two things always happen: it becomes the episode that generated the most money and the episodes are never eliminated. “Maybe show director Chuck Lorre has thought about it and realized that this extra audience is worth it,” jokes John.

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