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use this interactive map to remember the places in the series

23 mayo, 2021

There is less and less left for the end of ‘Game of Thrones’, a production that will leave a very difficult gap to replace. Gone are many hours of combat and travel through different cities of the Seven Kingdoms.

A good way to remember some of the most amazing times and places one of the series is to consult ‘A Map ok Thrones’, an interactive map with a very careful design and very easy to use.

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Say goodbye to the series by reviewing its most important places

As we see, on the map all areas of Westeros are represented, and we can zoom in or out of each of them. Although it is in English, it is easy to understand.

In the upper right a bar appears in which we can find different interesting options. To begin, using the magnifying glass we can search for any city or character that has appeared in the series.

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An icon appears on the left that allows us to browse all cities, “houses” and “regions” appearing in the books and on the HBO series.

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One of the most important points is that to the right of some characters a clock icon appears. If we press it, a time bar will appear on the left with the episodes of the series.

So we can know what journey have the characters been doing over the years. It is updated to the previous season, and we imagine that they will add the data for this season when it ends.

By last, we can connect the web with Spotify (It is necessary to have a Premium account), so that different songs sound each time we are navigating the different areas of the map.