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Virtual reality officially comes to Chrome with WebVR

26 mayo, 2021

Google has long wanted the entire web to be seen in virtual reality, for several months we knew that they work on a standard called WebVR to browse the web using glasses such as Google Cardboard or DayDream.

Last December 2016 with the release of Chrome 56 we learned that a WebVR API would be added to be able to create virtual reality experiences on Android mobiles through web pages. And now Google has announced that we can already experience virtual reality on several websites that are compatible, either using a Daydream, or from your phone or computer.

The experience is designed at the moment to be compatible with mobile ready to use Google’s virtual reality glasses, Daydream. But if you don’t have one, you can still browse these sites using your mobile or computer through Chrome. You can interact with the content using your finger or mouse.

The list of supported sites is quite small, but more are on the way. One is an interactive documentary about the interaction of humans with nature and technology. Another is a tour through the Matterport bookstore, the world’s largest collection of VR sites and that includes celebrity homes, museums, canyons, iconic architecture, and other real-world locations.

You can also find virtual reality movies, beautiful three-dimensional scenes of anime series and video game characters, as well as you can play in the WebVR Laboratory.

Google is not the only one working to bring virtual reality to the web, Microsoft will also implement support for WebVR in Edge so that users can explore all the 3D content that is added as the technology becomes more common.

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