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Vsmart will be the manufacturer’s reference brand

23 mayo, 2021

The news reached the media at the end of last November 2018. BQ would begin to manufacture phones for Vingroup, a business group based in Vietnam and that already had its own brand for technology: VSmart. It was not long before it became known that what was portrayed as a collaboration agreement was actually a purchase. 51% of BQ shares thus fell into the hands of the Vietnamese, which heralded the end of the Spanish brand.

Today we have witnessed the arrival of the first terminals with the VSmart brand. Four models, in medium and low ranges, with Active and Joy surnames, which augured the disappearance of BQ as a brand, but the Spanish company has not taken long to take a step forward and issue a statement. BQ will continue to be BQ, although the mobiles will arrive under another name and owner, with VSmart being the reference brand from now on.

From Engadget Android, we have nuanced the text to better reflect BQ’s declarations. The company confirms that Vsmart will be its reference mobile brand but did not explicitly indicate in its statement that there would not be more mobiles under its own brand. This information comes from company sources, and we have specified this in the article. We feel the confusion.

We have contacted the brand to confirm that, indeed, the BQ mobile line disappears. A company spokesperson claims that there will be no more BQ-branded phones. From now on, the new ones will be launched under the VSmart brand.

Who is VinGroup, the Vietnamese company that bought BQ

VSmart arrives, but BQ continues


This is one of the phrases launched by BQ throughout its open letter to its current clients, and also with a nod to future clients. The message to convey is that the Spanish brand continues, although now its reference smartphone brand will be VSmart, the technological brand of Vingroup, current majority owner of the still existing BQ.

“Whatever the reason you are a BQ customer, thank you,” reads the manufacturer’s statement.

BQ will therefore continue to be one more brand in the market, although it would no longer have a presence in the mobile world. Tablets, ereaders and 3D printers will continue to arrive under the name BQ, as well as other devices that may arise in the future. But when it comes to smartphones, the brand to follow now is VSmart.

They tell from BQ that the alliance with VSmart (a way of dealing with this majority but not absolute purchasing process) will allow them to be more ambitious and continue to grow. Not in vain, the size of Vingroup invites you to think about investments of greater depth, and in a manufacture with more muscle and volume, not only for Spain but for other parts of the world.

We will continue creating amazing things in Spain for the world. And in addition to all that, we will also develop technology for Vsmart.

Thus, and as they indicate in their open letter, “* VSmart arrives, but BQ continues”. Previous BQ-branded phones will continue to be on sale in the usual shops, including the company’s website, where they will now share a space with the new VSmart until the entire company park is already part of the new nomenclature.