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We explore its conversion to a social network for seriéfilos

27 mayo, 2021

If you are one of those who do not stop following series broadcast in the United States, surely at least you will have heard of Yonki series. This portal that makes it easier for us to follow these series has become for many a reference in our country, and now those in charge intend to give him a good face lift adding a good handful of functions to it.

Thanks to these functions, Yonkis Series is renewed as a social network, being able to obtain several ways of seeing the series and at the same time being able to rate it, comment on it, share our impressions with the rest of the users … a movement very appropriate for the times that run to achieve more activity by users. Let’s see it in detail in the extended post.

In the initial image you can see how the new portal design looks, much more uniform than the previous one, with a width more in line with what users usually use and with banners ads placed in a less intrusive way. The data is more computerized (and not in a very long list as is the case with the current design) and everything looks more homogeneous and robust.

The endless lists of series have been simplified, for example, in two columns with the highlights of the movies and series that we can see. On the portal we also have direct access to the latest news, but premium over that a list of top topics written by the users themselves as a timeline of messages or Yonks! short, as if it were a Twitter. In addition, this last element is filterable so that we can see the messages of only the people we are following.

series yonkis beta users friends

And yes, now we can follow other Yonkis Series users. It is essential to turn the page into a kind of social network, and the developers have succeeded in it. In the image above you can see, for example, how we are shown some suggestions in case we are not following anyone.

series yonkis beta message yonk

The panel to send a message, tremendously similar to the panel of Twitter.

And what has changed with the content? Basically now accessing the chapter of a series or a movie is a much cleaner process. Click on the section of the top bar, we select or search for the series we want to see and we get to a list of chapters divided by seasons. We can see them or get download links, and from the same list we can see the language, the subtitles and the quality of the episode. We also have an average score for the evaluation of all users and a special space in which we can mark whether or not we have seen the chapter, to avoid confusion with chapters seen in the future.

series yonkis beta chapters series links

The list of chapters of a series, with all the data of each episode in columns.

In addition, in each series we can see a file with all your data basics and chapter activity in a sidebar, a list with the distribution of the actors of the series, a section with the criticisms that each user can publish and a final section that looks for any mention of the series in the short messages we talked about before. Apart from this, we can also mark it as a favorite or add the series to a customizable list To our liking that users who follow us can see, we can recommend the series or write a public review for it to appear on the series page.

In summary, we could say that the new Yonkis Series aims to be a reference social network in Spain combining features of Twitter, MyTVShows / Miso, IMDB and other portals. For seriéfilos it is a very successful improvement and a correct evolution of the web with a good interface. In short, it is a change for the better both in design and functionality.

At the moment the new version of Series Yonkis is in beta and can only be accessed through invitations at, but soon the new version will end up being released. Hopefully sooner rather than later. And of course, we cannot say goodbye without thanking Series Yonkis for the invitation they gave us to take a look at the new version.

Official site | Yonkis Beta Series