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We have tested DeepL, the new translator that reveals Google’s

24 mayo, 2021

When we talk about automatic translation On the web, most of us almost always think first of the Google translator, a tool that for years has been a workhorse to help us translate texts from one language to another, and with the capabilities that the search giant has, only other giants like Microsoft or Facebook seem to be able to compete.

But, DeepL, a new free machine translation tool has hit the market claiming to offer better translations than any of the three thanks to their neural network systems.

The people of DeepL tell how they carried out blind tests in which 100 phrases were entered to translate to the translators of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and of course, their own. Then several professional translators should choose the best quality translation without knowing which tool had translated it. Apparently, they were far ahead of the others in multiple languages.

At Genbeta we decided to test it to see how well it works, at least in its capabilities when it comes to translating texts from English to Spanish and vice versa. We have compared your translations with those of the Google translator and we have been pleasantly surprised.

Google Translate Google Chrome 2017 08 29 16 13 43 Google Translate translation
Deepl Google Chrome Translator 2017 08 29 16 14 01 Translation of DeepL

The Google translator has improved enormously over the years, those of us who got to use it in the beginning know how ridiculous its translations could be. But, over time, they have been made more exact and natural.

DeepL may be a new tool and not have a tech giant behind it, but it works like a charm. In some cases, even better than Google Translate. The way that DeepL translates can be read more naturally and similar to how a human would translate, not in 100% of the cases we tested, some words have left Google better, but the DeepL translator is extremely good.

Google Translate Tw Google Translation
Deepl Ts Translator Translation of DeepL

The translator that is compatible with Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Polish, it is very fast, capable of detecting the language of the text that we paste automatically, and offers additional suggestions of words to substitute within the translation.

In addition, it integrates with Lunguee, the online dictionary with more than one billion translations, so we also have definitions of words below the translation with just one click on them.

Be that as it may, it is a new tool that is also free and that you can go and try for yourself immediately. It is always good news for the user to have more and better alternatives that increase competition and, therefore, the quality of the services provided.

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