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we have tested the controversial application to “strip” photos of women

26 mayo, 2021

Artificial intelligence is leaving us spectacular tools, applications and uses in a good way, but also others that are very worrying that compromise people’s privacy, their image rights and even their dignity.

It is something that we have already seen with the ‘Deep Fakes’ in porn videos and that has greatly concerned celebrities who were seen having sex with strangers in a very credible way. DeepNude is an application that follows similar principles, but rather than to place people in situations they have never been in, to “undress” women by removing their clothes in any context.

All this, as our colleagues from Xataka have told, uses the pix2pix algorithm, developed by the University of California at Berkeley in 2017. For its use in DeepNude, its developer, who says his name is Alberto, has trained him with more than 10,000 images of naked women. With them he tries to replicate nudes in any situation.

So it is possible to know if a video is a deepfake with just the blink of an eye, literally

We have spent a while testing it, and this has been our experience.

DeepNude, the old old promise of X-rays that (fortunately) does not finish being fulfilled


We have tested the free version of DeepNude on Windows, although it is also available for Linux. Supposedly, on the web you can also test what they call “AI-powered X-rays”, after testing in Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox on macOS and Windows 10 we have come to the conclusion that it does not work. If the paid version already inserts watermarks, free version generates unusable images, with absolutely almost everything covered by circles and letters. In addition, it does not generate the images to export them, but the user must take a screenshot to save the results.

In addition to 150MB of the DeepNude download package, which Windows identifies as a malicious app that is better not to run, DeepNude then asks to download 2 GB of files to work. The application works without an Internet connection, and although its creator claims that no information is sent to the Internet, it is something that we cannot verify.

With deepfakes we will have a problem with the truth: neither the videos will serve as evidence

To use the most complete version, we would have had to pay $ 99.99, something that we have also refused due to the support it would give to this macho idea, since it only works with women and contributes to treating the body and the dignity of women. body as if it were an object. Of course, the creator ensures that he is already working on a male version.

DeepNude in swimwear

The first image (like the rest, based on royalty-free photos) is one of the easy ones for DeepNude, with a girl in a bikini. The original photo shows her with other friends, but DeepNude has not had an effect on the group, so we have selected only her. We said “easy” because it is a photo where with slight retouching it is relatively easy to remove the garment and replace the parts of the body with other images from the training.


How it looks, the result is not bad at all, especially in the lower part of the bikini, while the chest that he introduces at the top has a strange lighting and does not fit too well on the person. Even so, as with deepfakes, first evidence that we have to worry.

Body side

This image is more complicated by lighting, and if what is intended is to deceive and pass for real, at no time is it achieved. The algorithm decently introduces the chest, but fails to eliminate strange color and shadow artifacts throughout the entire body, especially around the chest and on the belly part.


And we come to another of the scary images. It also fails to appear real, especially because of the shadow of the clothing on the skin that it is not able to remove.. Yet surprisingly, he interprets the girl’s inclination to “undress” her very well. In parts such as the belly, for example, which was completely covered, you can hardly see the leap between reality and recreation.

What about more clothes?


When DeepNude has to work with images of girls with a strange posture and a lot of clothes, the results are especially bad. The result that we see with respect to the real photo is a smudge in which it is appreciated that they have tried to guess the shapes of the body, and it has been achieved in some area such as the legs, but without any type of success in textures or continuity with the rest of the body.

And with loose parts of the body?

Here we will show what DeepNude does with a bikini bottom on a woman’s butt. The result is that it interprets it as if it were a covered breast, and inserts a breast and nipple in the dark part of the photo, where the garment goes.


We understand that DeepNude is not able to know that it is an ass, and when she finds a garment, she understands that it is a bra and introduces the false breast there. In other images that we have tested with the rear parts of people, it is also not able to “undress” correctly and replace the images with buttocks.

Trying to strip men is another failure

Bad dani

One of the most controversial issues about DeepNude is that, as we said, it does not work with men’s bodies. When trying, the same imbalances that we have seen in the image of the girl with many clothes occur.

In the case of an image that we have tested from a photo of our video partner Dani Esplá, the confusion for DeepNude is maximum, and not only does it not “undress” him correctly, but it introduces a breast next to his head. To this are added shadows that do not make any sense, or the union of the two legs with another very blurred part.


If we try with a boy in a swimsuit, there is not so much problem of interpretation, but it seems that DeepNude takes it off to put something that looks like a fuzzy vagina on it, so we cannot say that the result is, in any case, correct.

Like deepfakes, DeepNude yields very worrying results. Not so much because of what they suppose today, but because of what they will surely assume in a few years. If a small team is capable of doing this with 10,000 photos and a public algorithm, what will not teams with datasets much older and with much greater dedication and resources. With applications like this, we enter an era in which everything is going to be questionable, and where, without control, a lot of damage can be done.

Important: at this time the company states on its website that they did not expect the success of the application and that their servers were not prepared. Therefore, although the application can be used offline, if you have not downloaded all the necessary files after the first download, you will not be able to use DeepNude.