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We test self-destructing messages, the next new feature of the app

26 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp is testing in its application the messages that self-destruct, a function that is within the code of the latest beta. Yes, for now not active for all users, only for those who have their device rooted (and activate it with tools like WaTweaker). Do you want to know how the automatic deletion of messages is activated? We have tested it for you.

It is not that WhatsApp is an application that is at the forefront in terms of news, not in vain its more than two billion users pose a risk in the event that an update has problems: fixing it would be a huge headache for developers. This is the reason why the dark mode took so long to appear for the stable version of the app, for example; as is happening with messages that self-destruct, a novelty that is well advanced in the beta of the Android application. And we know that it is advanced because we have been able to test it: it will be a good way to control messages in all chats, both private and group.


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Delete WhatsApp Messages messages that self-destruct in individual chats

The new auto-delete function is found in the latest WhatsApp beta, although it has to be activated in the application code, a possibility that is left out of most phones. As confirmed by WabetaInfo, the development of self-destruction is well advanced: It can be activated from the chat settings, both in groups and individually.. And we have checked it on a rooted Android smartphone.

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Message deletion is active within the beta (after activation in code) and not yet translated, a detail that anticipates the work ahead. It can be activated both in individual conversations and in groups, as long as in the seconds we are the administrators. And it works like this:

  • For an individual conversation, you have to go to the contact information at the top of the screen (above the name).
  • WhatsApp shows self-destruction as ‘Delete messages’ or deletion of messages. At the moment it is not translated since it is not a definitive option.
  • Pressing on the deletion jumps a menu to select the margin until the messages are deleted after being published: an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year. These margins have been changing, they do not have to be final.
  • And how to configure self-destruction in WhatsApp groups? The first step is to click on the group info, at the top of the screen (on the group name).
  • Then you have to click on ‘Group settings’.
  • In the configuration appears the ‘Delete messages’ or deletion of messages. Pressing there appears the time range selector.
Delete WhatsApp Messages Messages that self-destruct in group chats

The option of self-destructing messages will be active for all conversations, at least as found in the last beta code. Presumably, when WhatsApp officially activates it, the company will maintain this possibility to let any user choose whether you want your messages to last forever in the conversation or end up being automatically deleted. The margin at the moment is quite large since less than one hour can be chosen, but the time may be reduced in future updates.

We will see when WhatsApp activates the messages that self-destruct: we ignore the time that will pass until the option reaches the stable app. Yes we know how can it be activated: we have checked.