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We tested Adobe Spark Post, an app to create beautiful stories for any social network

26 mayo, 2021

With the emergence of Stories on the most popular social networks, the image as a communication medium is taking on even greater importance, if possible. Spark Post is the new application that Adobe proposes to contribute to the preeminence of the image with superior visual quality.

It can be said that Adobe Spark Post comes at an appropriate time. There is a universe of applications that gravitates around the image, the fastest growing social network is based almost exclusively on photography and the best ally of visual communication, the mobile phone, increasingly offers more powerful technology aimed at creating or reproducing images.

Adobe presents Spark as an application with which it is possible create visually striking graphic stories In a matter of a few minutes: little time, little effort and a great impact, qualities that are very difficult to overcome and that allow, without any design knowledge, to do authentic wonders of capturing likes.

Adobe Spark includes versions to create publications or images for a multitude of social networks, complete web pages or videos where you can add photos, video clips, your own voice and other icons and decorative stickers; with Adobe Spark Page and Adobe Spark Video.

Spark Post

Spark Post launches for the first time in public beta and it works on both iOS and Android, in addition to having a web version from which you can also make the creations that the application allows.

How Adobe Spark Post works

Screenshot 20180619 170851

The first thing that Spark Post offers you is a large collection of templates to inspire you and get your first ideas, although there is a button to open a new project with which to start working immediately on whatever type of publication you have thought of.

Screenshot 20180619 171237

The next step is to choose one or more images and choose the output format. You can work with the original look of the photograph or adapt to the most appropriate formats for each of the social networks most popular, as well as their image types and many other formats.

With this first step, Spark ensures that you create the perfect image for where it will end up published. For example, you can create an image of the appropriate size to become your new Facebook header or a vertical look suitable for converting directly into an Instagram Story ready to go. This format can also be modified in the next step.


In the next step, Spark Post takes you to the “Editor”. This is the space where all the retouching will happen. In the editor you can add text or a new image, and then modify them with a double tap on it.

One of the strengths of Spark Post is that it allows you to modify the size of the text that will accompany the photo, but also its distribution, and all automatically. If we leave the text box very narrow, the words will adapt their size and arrangement to follow the way we have marked.

Screenshot 20180619 172826

Spark Post recommends the color palette that goes best with each image and it has many different fonts to make a unique publication. In addition, the text box has multiple options for shapes and, from there, it only remains to decide on alignment, opacity and spacing. The amount of options is worthy of an Adobe application.

Screenshot 20180619 173726

If you do not want to be trying among so many options, another alternative is tap on “Design” and apply an automatic theme to the image. Spark Post offers you different variants and all of them are visually attractive and completely configurable. Of course, do not touch a “Design” if you were working on your own creation: everything will be erased.

Xmas Is Over

Tapping on “Palette” will not only modify the set of colors that make up frames, text and objects, but also Spark Post will also play with filters to enhance certain tones in the same photograph.


Once the final touches, structure, and filters are done, Spark lets you save the image or publish it directly on social networks, as well as share with the contacts of the messaging services you use.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post0.3.0

  • Developer: Adobe
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Art and Design

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