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We tested F3, the question and answer app that is at the top of Google Play

26 mayo, 2021

The applications at the top of Google Play are generally Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and the rest of the usual suspects, but from time to time a new application sneaks to the top, although that does not always mean that it is of quality. The last to achieve it has been the question and answer app F3.

F3 is an anonymous -or not- question and answer app that borrows a lot from Instagram. In fact, an easy way to describe it would be that it is something like an Instagram of anonymous questions and answers.

Both interviewer and interviewee

The first thing you need to use this application is create a user profileAlthough you can ask other people anonymous questions, all of them will be linked to your user profile. The account can be created through Twitter, Facebook or by email. In the case of Facebook, it will get your friends list.

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You need to choose a unique username, that is, that it is not caught already, as well as indicate your date of birth. The terms of the application determine that you must be over 13 years old to use the application, although the verification is based solely on this age verification and does not even appear in the user profile.


Once your profile is created, you have your own link to it, which you can easily share in other apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to catch questions or comments from people who know you or want to meet you or want to tell you something anonymously or not.


From that moment you become both an interviewer and an interviewee and you are waiting to receive questions in order to respond. In the meantime, you can always keep an eye on what other people are replying to.

Add your own questions


If none of your friends or acquaintances use F3, entering Discover or New People will show you latest posts from random people. While you are looking at them, you can decide if you want to follow that person, add your own question, forward the story to someone else, or send private messages.

The view in question is basically nailed to Instagram stories (or any other app, to be exact). If you dare to ask something, you can do it anonymously or not, by sending a short text message.


What you send is up to you, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a question. Mind you, the answer is not guaranteed, and it depends on whether the other person wants to answer it or not. It costs nothing to delete a question that doesn’t interest you or to block a person entirely.

Respond to the masses

Have you ever thought that the world needs to know more about you? With F3 the world will finally be able to know more about you, since answering questions is 50% of the application’s functionality. Yes indeed, that you get more or fewer questions it will depend on your popularity.

For starters, at least you have one random question and question of the day, which are sent by the system and therefore you can use from the beginning. The application seems to send as many questions disguised as anonymous comments when clearly generated by the application. Honestly, it’s a bit of a cheat.


Answering questions is suspiciously similar to creating posts for Instagram stories. The resemblance is beyond reasonable, and includes the ability to add handwritten text and drawings, as well as change the wallpaper. If you want, you can use a photo as the background.

Your answers are published as if they were stories, and any user who passes by will be able to see them, just as any user can add their own comments or answers. The only control you have over this is an adjustment for prevent anonymous questions from being sent to you, if you wish (it is disabled by default).

An app for young people

To create

F3 is not technically a new app, rather it arrived on Google Play about a year ago. Since then exceeded one million downloads in August of last year and it is peculiar that it is now when it has made the leap in popularity to the top of Google Play. Its average score is currently 4.2, with many users sharing their satisfaction in Google Play reviews.

There is nothing written about tastes, although F3 looks like one of these applications that seem to have very successful among teenagers but they are an inexplicable concept for adults, like Snapchat or Tik Tok. The app itself works fine, but whether you like its features or not is entirely up to you.

F3 - Ask anonymous questions

F3 – Ask anonymous questions

  • Developer: F3
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Social