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We tested Google TV, the update of Google Play Movies that is beginning to reach mobile phones

23 mayo, 2021

The change that Google is giving to its multimedia services is profound, all centralized under the same brand: Google TV. And not only in the services compatible with Android TV, but also in Google Play: the ‘Movies’ section disappears to make way for Google TV.

Google’s latest device presentation left us with two Pixels, a new Nest speaker, and also introduced a new Chromecast with Android TV, now called Google TV. This new interface will not be exclusive to televisions since has begun to reach the first mobiles and tablets. Although yes, there is a victim along the way: Google Play Movies. It’s time to say goodbye.

Google Play Movies changes the name to Google TV

Play Movies Google Tv

The most notorious thing is the change of name of the service since Google dispenses with maintaining it as a section of the Play Store to bring you closer to the realm of media players and aggregates. The app itself is not new since the change comes with a double update: from the application itself and also from the servers. The first users are already beginning to see the changes.

As we have seen in one of our accounts, the Google Play Movies app (Play Movies) It has changed its name, design and functions. It is still a center from which to buy movies and series, also rent them, although it goes a few steps further offering recommendations for other streaming media services; such as Netflix, HBO or Disney +, for example.

Play Movies Google Tv

Once the Google TV application is updated, it asks what services we are subscribed to (this evolves from Play Movies itself). After selecting them from the options the interface will now offer us recommendations with different accessible content both through Google servers (upon payment) and in those services to which we are already subscribed. In both cases, a single press will be enough to access the playback instantly: either from Google TV itself (Google paid content) or through the app where said content is hosted (the application will open to play the chosen chapter or movie).

Play Movies Google Tv

Google Play Movies begins to update, although at the moment it seems that only in the United States (we have jumped the notice in a US account). It is expected that little by little it will spread to other users, although we cannot say when. What is certain is that Play Movies disappears as we knew it.

Via | 9to5Google