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We tested this awesome website that colors your photos in black and white

22 mayo, 2021

We already knew about a Twitter bot that will help you fill your old photographs with color, but today we are going to analyze a free tool that is capable of offering us really amazing results.

Although on the ColouriseSG website we can read that this tool is a “specific prototype for old Singapore photographs“The truth is that we have tested it with some old photographs and it works just as well.

Black and white photography: the least appropriate methods to achieve good results

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Black and white photography: the least appropriate methods to achieve good results

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A time machine at the click of a button

It is very easy to use this website, since we will simply have to click on the red button that says “Try Yourself” and choose the black and white photograph that we want to color.

Those who are concerned about their privacy should know that ColouriseSG “does not store the photographs that we upload to color”. In addition, they ensure that it works better with high resolution images in which people or nature appear.

Colorsg 5

Once we have uploaded the photograph we will see a line that we can slide to check the before and after. Below we will find a button to download the colored photograph to our team.

Then we leave Some examples of what can be achieved with this website:

Colourisesg 2
Colourisesg 3
Colourisesg 4

As we can see, the result is really good (and it is a process that only takes a few seconds). I have tested it with old photographs of my house, and when I have passed them on to my relatives they have been very surprised.

As they say on the web, this tool will work best if the photos have good resolution, so it is worth scanning them properly.