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We tried ‘Sand Balls’, the curious game of balls and sand that accumulates millions of downloads on Google Play

27 mayo, 2021

If these days you take a look at the ranking of the most downloaded applications in Google Play and App Store, it is likely that the title that occupies the first place catches your attention. It’s called ‘Sand Balls’, it has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 among Android users and, although it was launched recently, it already boasts have exceeded 10 million downloads in the Google app store.

Behind we have SayGames, creators of other games such as ‘Train Taxi’, ‘Twist Hit!’ or, more recently, ‘Jelly Shift’. And like all of them, ‘Sand Balls’ is free to download, abuses advertising and has very simple game mechanics. By the way, on App Sore, it is also the most downloaded game right now.

Let gravity do its job

Sand balls

Once the game is downloaded, which, as we said, is free, we just have to accept the privacy policy and we will land directly on the first level. The objective is very simple: we have a few colored balls that must end up falling into a truck and, for this, we will have to dig a hole down in the sand. How? With our finger (Dag to dig = Drag to dig).

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By the way, we will find different obstacles fixed and mobile that in some cases we must avoid and in others, they will help us in our mission. In addition, white balls will appear that will turn colored when they come into contact with our initial balls.

Sand Balls 3

Keys will also appear that will help us to open “gift” boxes. And what is in those boxes? Diamonds And what are those diamonds for? In order to unlock different types of balls (shaped like a flower, a cube, a dollar symbol …). As we complete the levels, we will also unlock new vehicles to collect our balls.

Sand Balls 4

Although it is a very simple game, it could be fun and even addictive if it weren’t for the advertising, which it is excessive and very intrusive. It is true that watching ads will give us the possibility of obtaining more diamonds as a reward, but most of the time (and there are many, we already warned you), we will “swallow” the video in turn without receiving anything in return.

To avoid this, we have two options: pay 3.29 euros for the ad-free version of the game or put the mobile in Airplane mode. But even if we opt for this last option, several ads will slip through us.

Sand balls

Sand balls