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Website Downloader or how to download the source code of any website from the browser

27 mayo, 2021

Although there was already specific software that gave us the opportunity to download the source code from any websiteThanks to Website Downloader, you will no longer be forced to install any of them on your computer. Indeed, because it is a service that you can access through your own browser and that fulfills the same purpose.

A tool that will allow you to access all the files that are behind a certain site through a simple procedure and that will offer you the opportunity to browse and continue learning. A resource interesting both for professionals and for those who are starting. But let’s go into more details.

How Website Downloader works

As we mentioned, the process to launch this utility is tremendously simple. In fact, the page has a very clean interface in which, in the central area, there are two boxes in which we must indicate the name of the page whose source code interests us, and our email address, where they will send the files –HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.- in zip format.

In addition, the site integrates a support chat in which we can ask any doubts that may arise on the fly, and includes a section on use cases: “after cloning a website on your hard drive, you can open the source code of the website with a web page editor. code or simply navigate offline ”, they comment.

They also refer to the site migration –In case of, for example, being blocked by our hosting provider or not being able to access the files on our page for other reasons-, the learning possibilities offered by its tool, to “revive” our website (or any other ) through Internet Archive and a long etcetera that you can already guess.

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Now, and finally, we cannot fail to mention that, despite being able to try it for free and work very well with simple sites whose size is not too large, the same does not happen with the heaviest websites, in which case we will have to pay for download the source code. A price that is not indicated on the service page but is indicated in the email we receive, and that begins with the 300 dollars.

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