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What are themes on Android?

26 mayo, 2021

We continue with our posts to help you customize your terminals so that it is more pleasant for you to use them. This time it’s time to talk about customizing Android thanks to topics, also known as themes. An Android theme can be easily summarized in a set of icons, wallpapers, widgets and screensavers different from those that come standard and are the easiest way to change the appearance of the icons.

They are very useful in launchers and ROMs that allow us to choose between different themes. Mainly the themes are developed for a launcher, being these based on a specific theme or made by the creativity of a designer. As always, they can be paid and free, and they are installed as if they were just another smartphone application.

How do you use a theme?

The themes are installed as if it were one more application of our terminal, without the need to be ROOT or to change the ROM, it is very easy to install one. Once the theme is installed, two things can happen: that it automatically adapts to the launcher without having to touch anything else or that we have to select it ourselves. For this, the simplest thing is to go to the launcher settings and enter the selection of themes and there we choose the theme that we want to use, the themes that we have installed are available.

As soon as a launcher is moderately popular, it should incorporate its own theme selector that detects the ones we have installed, in addition to the one that comes standard with the program itself. Some of the lauchers that accept themes are Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher and Go Launcher EX, to say the most famous.

The themes are very varied, but if there are some that we must highlight, they are the themes that give your android the appearance of a smartphone from another company, such as those inspired by Motorblur and Sense, Motorola and HTC interfaces respectively. Other themes are those based on Faenza, which offer stylized, large, colorful and distinguishable icons, which are not only beautiful but are better differentiated from one another.

Some examples

Themes in Nova Launcher

Themes in Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher It is perhaps one of the most popular launchers that we can find and right now it has support for many Themes. Some interesting ones are the Touchwhiz theme for the Samsung icons, Jelly Bean in case we have a pure Android appearance, the icons of the Xperia range, those of the HTC Sense interface or those of the MIUI ROM. All linked themes are perfectly compatible with Apex Launcher Y Go Launcher, serving for the most important launchers.

Themes in ADW Launcher

Themes in ADW Launcher

ADW It also has interesting themes, such as this set of MAC OS icons, the Black Glass theme with gray icons or my personal recommendation, Faenza, which provides colorful and very attractive icons that please the eye and that changes both the icons of the system applications like others that do not come standard, changing the environment completely.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless in terms of themes for launchers.