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what are they and what are they for

25 mayo, 2021

Samsung Game Launcher is an application focused on improve gaming experience. It was launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S7, but has since spread to other models as well. Now, if you have a Samsung mobile and you have no idea what I am talking about, I do not blame you, because the ways of Samsung are indecipherable and the Samsung application store leaves much to be desired.

The truth is Samsung Game Launcher and his companion in fatigue, Game ToolsThey can be of great use to anyone, and more since they were recently updated to version 2.0. It is even possible to install it in old mobiles like a first generation Galaxy A5. Learn here What is it, what is it for and how to get hold of Game Launcher.

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What is Game Launcher

Game Launcher itself already gives you a good clue on its behalf because, indeed, it is a game launcher. He is not the first to come up with the idea, which is a recurrent one that we have seen many times in applications like Clean Master. In this case, the launch of the game is usually combined with the closure of the rest of the applications, so that in theory they go faster. Samsung’s Game Launcher has a lot more chicha.

As soon as you open Game Launcher, it shows you a window with the games you already have installed. It detects them automatically, although you can include more (even if they are not games, but applications) by pressing the button Add Apps. If you don’t have any games, Game Launcher helps you find them by clicking on Find More Games.


The mode Game Discovery is a selection of games categorized according to their number of users, how much time average users spend playing or by category. Each game has its own tab with information on the evolution of its number of users and the average playing time, with a link to Google Play for you to install.

However, you are probably more interested in the three buttons at the bottom of the main screen. They are the options with which the games will be opened. You must touch them to activate them before opening the game in question, and they are the following:

  • Game Tools: includes the floating Game Tools button, which we will see later
  • Open games muted: the games have no sound, even if the mobile is not muted at the moment.
  • Save power: lower your screen resolution to save battery life while playing games.

Game Launcher also takes a log of your gaming sessions. You can see it by tapping on the menu icon and choosing My diary. In the log you can see the games you have recently opened, how long you used them and in which game genre it is your favorite. All this information is recorded only if you launch them with Game Launcher. If you do it on your own, it doesn’t count.


What is Game Tools

Ok, we already know what Game Launcher is, now … what is Game Tools? Game Tools is another related application, although it cannot be started by itself, it needs to be launched from Game Launcher. To use Game Tools you need check your box within Game Launcher and open a game from it. By doing so, you will get a floating button that provides you very interesting options while you are playing.


To display the menu, tap on the floating icon. To contract it, tap on it again. You may move the floating icon around the screen and place it where it suits you best that it does not bother you or drag it to the top so that disappear. In this case, you can show it again from its notification.


What is Game Tools for?

Now that we’ve seen what Game Tools is, let’s see what each option on this floating button does. The first disable alerts during gameplay. That is, you will not receive any more annoying notifications from this heavy friend who always ruins your game by writing a thousand messages. Most notifications are hidden and muted, although some applications may not be supported and display in the same way, such as Facebook Messenger.

The second option is just as interesting: lock the Recent and Back buttons. Has it ever happened to you that you accidentally touched the buttons on your mobile and ruined the game at the same moment? If you activate this option, these buttons will stop working and a padlock will be displayed every time you press them to warn you. The Home button still works, however.

To block

The following option is self explanatory: Minimize Game and it does exactly that, minimize the game. Mind you, this feature may only work on phones where Game Tools and Game Launcher are officially available, like the Galaxy S7. In the rest it gives an error message.

For its part, Screenshot takes a screenshot. It is a normal and current screenshot, the same as those you can do on your own, although they are saved in the folder with the name of the game in question.

Finally there is the option Record, to record the screen in video. Like the option to save screenshots, the videos of your best game are saved in a folder with the name of the game, which is appreciated. It will depend on the power of your mobile that the performance of the game suffers a lot or not when recording on video, but it seems quite acceptable.


How to install them

Do you have a more or less recent mid-range or high-end Samsung mobile phone and it doesn’t have Game Tools? How could it be otherwise, you can always download the APKs. Of course, you need to have at least Android Marshmallow.

The Game Launcher APK shouldn’t give you too much trouble to install. The latest version as of today is 2.0.18 and it has been installed without problem on my old Samsung. Game Tools for its part seems somewhat more complicated, since the latest version, 1.0.41, it closed automatically just open it, but the previous version, 1.0.19, has worked without problems. In any case, I would try the newer version first, just in case.

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