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What happens to the photos you delete in Google Photos?

26 mayo, 2021

By now, you probably already have the new Google Photos installed and have used the service to upload all your images. Free storage, little compression when storing data. If we take into account that it is infinite (unless you have chosen to save without compression) you probably have not considered deleting the images.

Much has been said about how Google Photos works but little about the management of deleted photos. That is why today, we show you what happens in the service when photos are deleted, on which devices they are deleted and if there is a possibility of recovering them. Fortunately, everything is on our side as users.

Google Photos includes an option to delete photos from our account. When selecting them, we just have to press the trash button so that they do not appear there. Once this is done, we will no longer see them in the timeline or in the automatic collections. In fact, it will also be deleted on other devices, unless we have made a copy in memory previously.

Do not worry, the images that we delete do not disappear automatically and fortunately there are ways to recover them. From the Photos application on Android, we just have to launch the side menu (where our account and the collections created appear) and we will see that an option appears: trash.

As in GMail, all the images that we delete in Photos will go to this section first. The Trash is essentially a smart folder that removes content that has been there for more than sixty days. It’s a good way to get rid of them and keep them on hand in case we change our minds.

If we still want to delete them at once and make them disappear at once, we just have to click on the upper right corner and then select the option to delete permanently. Of course, we can perform this same action from the Photos website and the iOS client.

Does it make sense to delete photos knowing that the storage is infinite? Of course, surely more than one has images that you would not like to have saved in your cloud so even though it does not cost us anything to have them there, it is a good option to review Photos.

Remember that the images that are deleted are those from the cloud and from the device from which it was saved. So before deleting it you can make a local copy to avoid annoyances. In case you missed it, in Engadget they made a very complete analysis of everything that the service offers and solving the question of whether there really was a loss of quality or not.