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What has become of the classic music players?

27 mayo, 2021

The simple action of play songs a lot has changed on our computers and portable players. We have been through many mythical apps that we don’t even remember now surpassed by music streaming services, digital stores and new generation mobile devices.

But does this mean that those programs have completely disappeared? That is what seems to happen with Winamp if nobody buys it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s go over the fate of some of the classic music players that have been with us for many years.

h2. Audiogalaxy

The new Audiogalaxy web interface

Surely some veteran will remember Audiogalaxy, an application that combined a P2P service to share music and a player. Its managers tried to collaborate with the music industry to continue existing, but ended up closing the P2P service in 2002 to support the Rhapsody streaming service a few months later.

In 2010 we saw how Audiogalaxy momentarily returned to the front pages of the press, becoming a web player from which to manage our music in the cloud, but the project was not successful. Finally Dropbox acquired AudioGalaxy at the end of last year, completely closing its life as an independent player. We are still waiting to see if this will lead to any Dropbox music services in the future.

h2. Musicmatch

musicmatch jukebox

MusicMatch Jukebox was Winamp’s main competitor in its time, trying to offer its version of a multimedia player capable of supporting themes and with interfaces for all tastes. I remember it a little slower than Winamp, but it had some format conversion functions that took up space on my hard drive.

The player came to have several services around it such as music stores, a radio or even a Moviematch of movies. It also reminds me of how it played a role in managing an iPod’s music libraries in Windows until Apple released iTunes for Windows, which was the end of that feature. Yahoo acquired the player in 2004 to close completely four years later.

h2. Windows Media Player

windows media player

Many of you will remember the years when Windows Media Player It was probably your main multimedia player on Windows, until other options like VLC Media Player became more popular thanks to its compatibility with more formats. And come on, admit it: you were sure to be flabbergasted for a few minutes with their displays.

It did not take very well that the devices Zune They will use their own player, but in this case the story does not end badly: it has evolved at the same rate as Windows systems and now its twelfth version is part of the core of the most recent Windows and Windows Phone. That gives it a certain presence on smartphones with Windows Phone, although users tend to opt for other services.

h2. Soundjam / iTunes

itunes 1 apple

I think that iTunes It is the player that has changed the least and has done the best in its history, although it was born from the resources of a classic Mac OS player called Soundjam (it could be said that it was considered the Winamp of the Mac). It appeared almost hand in hand with the first iPods, thus establishing itself as the application to use to synchronize this Apple device that ended up revolutionizing the music market.

The interface has been tweaked over time and now iTunes part of the same base, but for many more devices: iPhone, iPad … iTunes is now the multimedia center with cloud services for the user to manage their songs, movies and television series. With its new iTunes Radio and the world’s most used music store, iTunes is in very good health.

h2. Winamp

Winamp 0.2

We end up remembering to the king of kings, Winamp. Known worldwide for its interface, its themes, its performance when playing songs, and its compatibility. We review it thoroughly in our Software Classics special, and we have seen it again on our covers after the news of its closure.

We do not know if Winamp will have a future if Microsoft or some other company acquires it as some rumors mention, but everything indicates that this classic in capital letters will close its doors after ceasing to be so used in its version 3 and later become a music player for Android with sync service included. A pity, we will miss it.

Image | disgust In Genbeta | Four ways that Winamp could have a future at Microsoft