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what is and how does the application work

23 mayo, 2021

“We did not set out to make a revolutionary social network; only one that we wanted to use,” they say from Vero. That is a platform that aspires to be a mirror of anyone’s personal relationships. A comparison of the different dealings we have with friends. Because the basis of this social network – which defines itself as “real” – is that connections have and should have degrees.

Because just as we do not share the same thoughts, experiences or confidences with all the people around us, because we do not tell the same to our best friend as to a simple acquaintance, we should not share the same content with all friends or followers that we have on the internet. For that reason, Vero pushes us to organize our contacts into four groups: followers, acquaintances, friends and close friends.

In Vero we can classify a contact as a follower, acquaintance, friend or close friend

And no, it is not a new social network. Despite the fact that his fame and outbreak of popularity has occurred over the last few days, especially during the last weekend through the echo he has had on Instagram, Vero was presented to the world in July 2015. Then he launched as an app for iOS users in the United States and Canada. Now it can also be used from Android, it is available in other countries and has been translated into languages ​​such as Spanish. This is all we need to know.

What is Vero and what makes it different from other social networks?

Vero Iphone Social Network Application The different types of content that we can share on the Vero social network.

Vero has been spoken of as a kind of Instagram and it is clear that to a large extent it can start from its operation, But it is more than that. This popular social network allows you to upload photos and video, like many others, but also links and recommendations both for places, from restaurants to public spaces, as well as for cultural products such as books, movies or series.

A directed sharing of our life that relates what we share with ways of accessing that content or product, being able to visit portals where to buy or consume it, also adding a short description if it is, for example, a film or a novel. If a purchase occurs they will take a commission.

Another differentiating point, although it has its nuances because other social networks such as Facebook or Google+ also allow the creation of similar lists, is the organization of the contacts in those four groups that we mentioned: those of followers, acquaintances, friends and close friends. The user will restrict which publications each of these sets sees and thus can always be in control.

Vero determines what kind of content is shared by limiting publications to certain types such as photos or music

The only thing is that in Vero, yes or yes, a friend must go to one of them and the default list is known. Followers, such as on Twitter, do not need a two-way relationship. You can follow someone even if you don’t know him or her, such as a celebrity, but you will only see what the celebrity or user in question wants. Similar to when a post on Facebook can be selected as “public”, anyone can see it.

With a subscription payment model, Vero wants to avoid the famous phrase “when the product is free, the product is you”

The creators of Vero, in order to draw the attention of users who are dissatisfied with the operation of other platforms, are also in charge of emphasizing that the chronology of publications of our contacts will not be altered by algorithms or contain advertising. All in order of publication and without ads, unlike most.

Because, according to their manifesto, “our users are our customers, not the product we sell to advertisers.” Despite the fact that beyond timeline one can access trends, products, other accounts or events.

Hence, from that world without promotional publications and without advertising income, that the social network will be financed mainly through an annual subscription that has yet to be defined. So Vero will be paid. The good news both for those who want to enter it and for their managers, who will naturally want to see their user base grow, is that the first million people who sign up will have free Vero for life.

And indeed, we talk all the time about applications because Vero does not have a web version. Mobile only.

How does the Vero app work?

See How App Works On the left a sample of Vero’s chronology; on the right a view of the chat that it incorporates.

The operation of Vero, both on iOS and Android, it’s quite simple.

The first screen is the main one, the timeline. In it we will see the publications of our friends and our followed accounts, while we can also upload our own content by clicking on the button whose icon is a crosshair. In publications, as in other social networks, We can comment and indicate that we like them. Nothing new.

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, located next to the rest in the upper right part, we will access a section in which we are shown special content created for Vero, popular labels, products that we can purchase, outstanding accounts to follow and a Editors’ content selection. As if it were the Explore section of Instagram.

How Vero works is easy to understand

In the next section we find our board, what would be the profile, with our image, our name, our connections, our publications and adjustment options. For a social network that claims to take serious care of privacy, in the configuration we miss more control options on this point. For example, that it allows us to eliminate from its servers the list of contacts from our agenda whose access it requests in the first steps.

The next section, called Collections, serves to group the contents that our contacts are sharing in Vero by type. We can find the photos and videos, the links, the music, the movies and television series, the books and the places. In the bell icon we find the space dedicated to notifications, without any more mystery, and in the last one, identified with two superimposed comic bubbles, the chats that we can maintain with our acquaintances, friends or close friends individually or in a group.

The performance it’s easy to understand and similar to most platforms. Of course, since it is in beta and is receiving a large number of users in the last hours, sometimes it does not work as well as it should and it ends up failing. Patience.

Is there a place for a new social network?

Lifestyle Place

Social networks have long ceased to be a novelty. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter reign in the personal and not so personal, others like LinkedIn have dealt with outstanding success with the professional, while third parties such as Snapchat they have conquered the young disenchanted with the rest with a novel approach that little by little has been copied.

Seen a landscape so crammed with options Is there room for Vero? Hard to believe yes. Not even the almighty Google managed to gain a foothold with its social network, Google+. Other interesting initiatives such as Diaspora or the most recent Ello, which, like this social network created by the American billionaire Ayman Hariri, sought to be at the service of its users, never managed to take off.

The trick that Vero plays is the incorporation of certain celebrities, such as singer Rita Ora, film directors Zack Snyder and Max Joseph, as well as media like British GQ or Paris match. Some of them also create exclusive content for the social network. Joseph’s new documentary series, in fact, premieres exclusively on the platform.

The question is whether all these differences, singularities and attractions will lead to Vero the number of users to ensure its viability.

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