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What is and what is the “developer mode” of Windows 10

27 mayo, 2021

Windows 10 It differs especially from previous versions of Windows, in the amount of communication lines that Microsoft has opened with both users and developers. A clear example of this is the Insider program with which we can test the preliminary versions of the system.

Without having to become an Insider, you can find a complete section in the Windows 10 options for programmers. Here you can activate something called “developer mode” or developer mode. Obviously they are functions designed for development, but if you are curious to know more about it, we will explain it to you.

Whatever edition of Windows 10 you have, Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc. Programmer mode can be activated. To do this you just have to press the Windows key + I to open the menu of Setting. Then select Update and security and later the option For programmers.

Windows 10 Scheduler Mode

There you will find a first section in which you can select the Programmer Mode by checking a box, you will have to restart your computer to be able to use all the functions.

What can be done with the active programmer mode

For developers working with universal apps in Visual Studio, turning on developer mode is a must, or you won’t even be able to open a project. Programmer mode allows to install universal applications that are outside the Windows store.

Installing apps outside the Windows Store is obviously necessary for a programmer, since he is testing his own app in the environment while building it, but for a user it could perhaps be useful in some case, and also a dangerous weapon that could expose you to malware. It must be used with care.

Linux Windows 10 Bash Ubuntu

To be able to use the Ubuntu Bash console in Windows 10 you also need to activate the developer mode. To do this you have to activate the Windows Subsystem for Linux from the panel to activate or deactivate Windows features. If you disable developer mode, the Linux shell will also be disabled.

Another thing that allows you to do the programmer mode more easily, is to access certain file explorer options that are normally hidden.

From the same configuration menu you can do things like change modify the settings so that the extensions of all files are displayed, show hidden files, or view the full path to a file from the browser’s address bar.


Remote access for the desktop is also part of developer mode. You can change Windows firewall settings to allow connections to other computers running Remote Desktop.

Finally, in developer mode, you can change your computer’s execution policies so that Windows PowerShell can run unsigned scripts.

Activate programmer mode basically tells Windows that you are a developer And so the system makes some adjustments to create a more friendly environment with the development of apps. However, it can be useful to other advanced users who are not necessarily programming something.

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