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What is Jabber and why use it

26 mayo, 2021

Jabber is an instant messaging protocol that has special qualities compared to many proprietary messaging systems. We are not going to dwell on technical details, but we are going to name the advantages of Jabber compared to other systems.

Starting because its protocol is free, which allows added applications such as the weather of a city, such as that of roncero, or a Spanish development called ILE (I Love Email) which brings us the latest emails in our mailbox through pop3 protocol .

But here it is not all but it also has servers and clients for all types of platforms, both for desktop computers, with applications such as Gaim, Adium or PSI, and for portable devices, with applications such as Agile Messenger. This allows you to freely choose a platform and with it an increasingly numerous program.

It allows you to send messages when the recipient is not connected as well as being able to have it open in several programs at the same time, allowing you to assign priorities. This system allows, for example, to assign priority one to the application you have at work and 2 to the one at home, which means that the messages arrive at work unless you disconnect, which will be sent to your home application.

Every day the number of public servers grows, each one with its particularities such as the support of gateways to the different proprietary systems, which means that you do not have to change to a new application when the protocol is changed, since this change occurs in the server, as well as support SSL, ipv6, file transfers (comment that in some tests the knoppix iso was passed) that you can stop and resume at any time.

Supports chat rooms, interoperability between different servers, unlimited users, etc …

Companies and internet services already use it, such as iChat, we just have to choose a server and a client and we can connect. If you want more information, you can contact the JabberES community.

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