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what is “number neighbor” and why are people talking to strangers

26 mayo, 2021

There are certain things that, although they may sound a bit ridiculous, make you think: “… how has this not occurred to someone before?”. That’s what happens to me when I see tweets related to it “neighbor of number”, the latest craze that is filling social media with screenshots.

Operation couldn’t be simpler: just you will have to add your own number to the phonebook, changing the last digit by a superior or inferior one. For example, if your number is 666143567 you would write to 666143566 or 666143568.

Some find love, others angry people

Apparently it is a joke that was born in 2008, but it is in recent weeks that we have started to see many publications on social networks with captures of these conversations between complete strangers.

Obviously this new fad it is generating many quite comical situations, since the person who receives the “hello, I am your neighbor by number” surely has no idea what they are talking about.

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For example, one of the tweets that has had the most reactions is the one published by @jamsito, in which the neighbor of number is quite lost even when they explain what this is all about:

Other users, on the other hand, complain about that their neighbor number has not yet contacted them. It is something we can all think about, since if this “experiment” continues to gain fame, there is a greater chance that your “neighbors” will write to you.

It may also happen that it coincides that your number neighbors do not exist:

Being spoken to by a stranger is not something that everyone likes:

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As always, love cannot be missing, and there are users who have managed or hope to link using this tactic:

As if that were not enough, some Twitter users have dedicated themselves to directly share the profile picture that your number neighbors have (some do not make it clear if they have dared to speak to them after seeing their appearance):

Nor should we forget that, as the graph posted by Juan García on Twitter indicates, if we have our phone number associated with Instagram They could know much more information about us:

Obviously, having seen so many conversations and screenshots, I have tried adding my neighbors by number. One does not exist, and the one that does exist, the WhatsApp photo does not appear (you must have configured that only people on your list can see it).

In my case I think I will not dare to speak to him, and I will wait to see if he or she wants to take the step. You never know what is behind a door, and the truth is that many of us are not too attracted to the idea of ​​talking to strangers.