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What is the difference between clearing data and clearing cache in an Android application?

23 mayo, 2021

When our Android device warns us that it is running out of space, it invites us to enter its settings to free up space as soon as possible, before the lack of storage begins to negatively affect the correct use of the applications.

When we enter Settings> Storage, we see different sections to start freeing up space, such as deleting photos, videos, audio files, clearing the cache or manage app storage. The latter is what we will see in detail below.


We can access the storage of applications from Settings> Storage> Applications or from Settings> Applications, we select an application and the information sheet we are going to Storage.

In the section of storage of an application we can see how the system settings allow us delete your data Y clear your cache. They are two options that erase very different things and that many people are unaware of and use without knowing that by clicking on one of these options they can lose all their information.

App storage

Clear cache

The option Clear cache is limited to delete all temporary files of the application, respecting the data of our user in the application or game, with which when reopening the application will continue as before. It has no danger. Sometimes if an application gives problems, it is usually solved by clearing its cache.

Android allows us to clear the cache of a certain application from these settings or delete the cache of all applications from Settings> Storage> Cached data.

Clear Cache

Delete data

The option Delete data erase everything, leave the application as just installed, also clearing its cache. When we reopen the application it will load as if it were its first time, from scratch, asking to log in or without any game in the case of games.

This option is only usually used in very exceptional cases, when for example an application or game has stopped working one stroke, without having received any update it no longer opens, perhaps because corrupt data has still been created and it still does not work despite having deleted the cache.

Here it is important to know if the application or game has cloud synchronization so that once we log in, all the data is recovered. If there is no synchronization, we already know that we will have to start from scratch.

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