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What is the Samsung Smart Manager and what is it for?

27 mayo, 2021

For better or for worse, more and more manufacturers are integrating their own optimization tools into their facilities Clean Master in a visual representation of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” HTC has HTC Boost, and Samsung has Smart manager.

Smart Manager was introduced earlier on the S6, to gain compatibility with the S5, S4 and Note 5, Note 4 and Note 3 by the end of the year, but its support has since spread to lower-end models such as the series. A. Without fanfare or cymbal, one day your phone alerts you to ana software update (which is disappointingly not Marshmallow) and when you come back you find it there. What is this? What is it for?

This is how Samsung makes money: the secret is on the IPHONE

The Home Alternative to Clean Master

If you can’t prevent users from continuing to install applications like Clean Master, one alternative is to create your own version. Manufacturers have a complicated relationship with this application because its analyzes, often alarmist and exaggerated, give a bad name to the manufacturer pointing out all kinds of problems and errors.

After running Clean Master to your phone you will discover that your phone is full of junk files to the top, it has security problems, the RAM is on the floor and the temperature is as high as the core of the Earth. Whether it is true or a lie, the feeling it gives in the person who uses it is that your phone is full of problems, even if I just bought it. What a rubbish.

With Smart Manager Samsung seeks not to resort to third-party applications, turning what was previously a negative into something positive. Now Samsung is not the one that allows the phone to fill up with junk files, but the one who solves it. In summary, it could be said that Smart Manager is the product of uniting Clean Master Lite and Greenify in a single application.

RAM release

RAM doesn’t work on Android the way it does on Windows, but that doesn’t stop many people from being passionate fans of free up RAM: close applications so other applications have space to stay.

Over time Android has improved memory use and mobile phones also come loaded with more memory, so it could be said that it is practically never necessary to free memory. Android will take care of managing what to keep and what to close, but if you think you have better criteria, nothing prevents you close apps manually (which is not to say that they will not be reopened immediately).


In Smart Manager, the function to free up RAM memory is basically the minimum package necessary to satisfy those who want press a button and the memory is freed. It is the same that already existed before in the Active Applications section (accessible from the Recent view), but integrated into Smart Manager and with the typical Clean Master graphic.


The most interesting section of Smart Manager, and probably the only one that really makes a difference in the performance of your mobile, is the Battery. Although as soon as you open it you find a string of boring accesses and battery options that you already had before, it is in App optimization where the novelty resides.

App optimization is a function similar to Greenify, by which you can close applications completely and permanently if you do not use them frequently. As you probably know, even if you don’t open an application, that doesn’t mean that it won’t run by itself, wasting your battery.


This optimization can be fully automated, so that the system detects those applications that you have not used in the last three, five or seven days, and puts them to hibernate until the next time you use them.

An optimized application is unable to send notifications, so you should not add here WhatsApp, Messenger or any other application from which you expect to receive notifications. The rest will work normally, loading into memory only when you open them.


Are you running out of space on your mobile? No, do not install Clean Master, because also if you have Smart Manager it could be said that you already have it installed, at least its technology. Yes, you heard right, the Storage section of Smart Manager has the Clean Master technology to clear unnecessary files like cache and temporary files.

With pressing Get rid of shift cleaning will be performed, faster and less deceptive than its equivalent in Clean Master. As always, the usefulness of this cleaning is in question. Cleaning every day is not going to make your phone faster, although it can be useful if you have problems updating an application because you do not have enough space available.


On the other hand, you can also take a look at the user data to free up space on your mobile deleting data such as images, videos, audio, applications and documents that you have saved on the device.


Finally, Smart Manager includes its own antivirus. Is an antivirus necessary on Android? That’s a debate for another time, but like it or not, Smart Manager brings your own antivirus, this time borrowing technology from Intel – McAfee.


If you install applications from Google Play and you are very careful, this antivirus will probably never detect anything harmful, but it has another function that may be more interesting. It also detects applications that are doing a excessive use of resources, so that you ask yourself if you want to uninstall them.

In short, more useful than it sounds

All in all, it could be said that the main advantage of Smart Manager is that it can help you do without a few third-party apps, including its key functions better integrated into the system and without all the extra add-ons that these applications usually come with in an attempt to maximize their monetization.

So, if your Samsung has received Smart Manager in a recent update, you really don’t have many excuses to use Clean Master, Speed ​​Booster, Greenify, antivirus or the like. Smart Manager cannot be uninstalled, but at least it has a small footprint: it occupies only 9 MB (compared to 70 MB for Clean Master).

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