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What is WhatsApp 2-Step Verification and why is it so important?

27 mayo, 2021

Although at a slow pace, WhatsApp continues to add very important functions to protect the security and privacy of its users. Last year it was the turn of end-to-end encryption, and tonight the messaging application announced the worldwide implementation of two-step verification to identify us.

It will come as an optional feature, and it is very important that users activate it if you want to maximize your security. As we know that perhaps not everyone knows what this means and what the implications of the new feature have, we are going to explain in a simple way what two-step verification is and why it is so important.


What is WhatsApp 2-Step Verification

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In general, when you log in to one of your services, you do so using only one parameter, such as the password, for example. We call two-step verification systems where you have to enter two credentials to confirm your identity, adding a new layer of security to make it more difficult for someone other than you to log into your account.

In the case of WhatsApp, they have done it the other way around, but it amounts to the same thing. Your first verification method is to enter a password that the application itself generates and sends you by SMS when you enter your phone number. The problem is that it is a method that you can skip quickly when, for example, someone else has managed to steal your mobile. As he has it in his possession, he will be able to read the password, and therefore he will be able to enter your WhatsApp account.

With the new second step of verification, WhatsApp allows you to create a second password, one that you decide, that never changes and that he will ask you every seven days he will ask you to make sure that you are still you. With this you get that in addition to having your phone, someone who wants to enter your account needs to know that unique password that in theory only you can guess.

When creating this password, WhatsApp will offer you the possibility of enter your email to send you a special link. With it, if one day you forget your password you can reset it without having to remember it, so it is important that you enter a valid address and that you keep that email well.

Why is it so important to enable it


The measure is totally optional, but necessary if you want to maximize security from your WhatsApp account. Keep in mind that it has become one of the most important applications on your mobile, one with which you talk with friends, family and partners, so they can do you a lot of damage if someone manages to steal your account and impersonate your identity.

Until now, to be able to do this it was only necessary to have your mobile, so any theft could totally expose your security indefinitely, since the activation and access key is always sent to your phone number. With this second step, not only will you need your phone but also know your security code.

Entering a password every seven days can be cumbersome, but compensate by exponentially multiplying your security. Going back to the example from before, if someone manages to enter your WhatsApp by stealing your mobile or in some other way, now they can only harm you for a limited time.

The main advice you have to keep in mind when creating a password here is to try not to be something easy to guess. Try to forget about 123456, 111111 or special dates for you, because the more obvious or related to your life, the easier it will be for someone who knows you to guess.

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