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what it is and how to change it from your mobile

25 mayo, 2021

When it comes to surfing the internet, although everything seems as simple as activating the WiFi, there is some crumb behind it. DNS are one of the most relevant elements when browsing, although they can become a great unknown by less expert users.

Therefore, we are going to tell you what are DNS servers and how you can change them from your Android phone, since it is a fairly simple process, as well as it can be done for free with the appropriate server.

What is a DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) servers are responsible for translating web addresses into IP addresses. For example, when you browse, you see that address, but the browser needs another way to know which server it needs to connect to to access that content.

A DNS is basically a translator. It is easier for the user to write a web address than to remember the IP address of each of these websites

When you access Xatakaandroid, these DNS servers translate the web address of the page into an IP address. Basically, what they do is translate that text to an IP. Basically, it is as if we tell someone that this website is ‘My home’, and the DNS offers the data about the exact address of it.

If you already do all this alone, why are we going to change the DNS? Well, basically, because when you connect with the default DNS of your router it is known what your IP is and who you are, in addition to the fact that some pages, by order of the Government, can be blocked via DNS. By changing the DNS we can improve our privacy, bypass certain blocks, and even improve response time on the web, so let’s see how it’s done.

Free and free DNS servers: what are they, what risks do they have and main alternatives

How to change DNS on Android

Change Android Dns

To change the DNS in Android you need an alternative DNS, so we are going to leave you with a good list of free DNS, so you can take a look and decide which one best suits your needs. In our case, we recommend CloudFlare DNS. Chosen the DNS, we go to the mess. We don’t need third party apps or anything like that, everything is done from the settings.

  • We open the WiFi settings
  • Click on our network
  • In its settings we will see directly ‘modify network’. We press and we give ‘advanced options’
  • Click on ‘IP Settings’, and click on ‘Static’
  • Here we will see the DNS and we can change them