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what it is and how you can take advantage of it

26 mayo, 2021

Plex is one of the most popular applications to have a multimedia center at home and even share our library with our friends, something possible thanks to the improvement of ADSL and fiber connections. Its popularity lies in its ease of use, its versatility and its wide availability.

Just by installing Plex Media Server and scanning the folders where we store video, photos and music (and leaving the computer turned on as a server) we can access it from practically any modern device that has a compatible application, whether we are on the same network or not, in the in case we meet outside. All this is available for free, so creating your own Netflix is ​​available to anyone. However, there are exclusive features of Plex Pass, a subscription payment option. Let’s see what it is for.

What is Plex Pass

Plexx Pass prices

Plex Pass prices

Since Plex is so useful in its completely free mode, which also has no advertising, your developers need to generate income with another way. And, as we said, that route is Plex Pass. It depends on the uses that are given to Plex, it may be convenient for you to subscribe or not, and perhaps more than you usually give it, it depends on a specific use that you want to make of it on a trip, for example. Why do I say this?

Because the star feature from Plex Pass, as we will now see, is to be able to download the contents of our server or that of friends on a device such as a smartphone or tablet, to be able to view or listen to them offline. If we have the files locally, of course there is always the option of manually copying them to the device, but what makes the proposal special is thus lost, that there is no need to connect cables or configure network copies that can take forever.

The price of Plex Pass, before we see what it offers, is ** 4.99 euros per month, 39.99 euros per year, or 119.99 euros in a lifetime plan **. The latter is amortized in three years, so if the monthly plan convinces you, you can opt for it. Every so often they do Black Friday or anniversary promotions, which greatly reduce the price of the lifetime, in case you prefer to wait for that.

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Why buy Plex Pass


Something to be clear about Plex Pass is that ** its advantages may attract a lot to some users, but nothing to others **. So we may only take advantage of a few of its unique features. The first advantage of Plex Pass is that functions that end up reaching the free service are received earlier, but may never disembark.

From my point of view, the best thing about Plex Pass is syncing movies, shows, songs and photos to watch them anywhere offline. As we do when we go on a trip with Netflix, downloading chapters to play offline on airplanes or in low coverage areas, Plex Pass allows you to take all your files with you whenever you have space available, and without expiration. It is the most attractive thing about Pass, and just for this function and its comfort, it may be worth signing up for a specific month.


With the Plex Pass ‘Dashboard’, you can see your playback history in hours and by content type.

For those who use Plex as if it were Spotify, Pass has advanced audio features, with which silence is compressed, the volume levels between songs are normalized so as not to scare us and pauses are eliminated, or the voice is enhanced. In this sense, if you wish, also merge the end of the songs with the beginning of others. In addition, Plex Pass displays the lyrics of the songs, as long as they are available from its database.

Another interesting function emulates Dropbox instead of Spotify, and it is the de upload photos directly from your smartphone roll or gallery to your local Plex Media Server library at home, in such a way that everything is in our hands, and not in those of a cloud service. Also, since Google Drive removed the ability to sync with Google Photos images, a very good free alternative to this has been missed. When viewing photos, it offers a chronological view, and allows you to create photo albums.

Finally, another great option is to be able to watch live television and schedule recordings of broadcast programs, something that may interest certain people.