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what it is and why so many people search for it on YouTube

27 mayo, 2021

We live in the “viral era”, and every so often we see how a video, meme or event floods social networks with comments. If you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook in the last few hours, you may have met a lot of people talking about “video 1444”.

Many of these comments assure that we are facing a “cursed” video, feeding the typical theory in the style of ‘The Ring’, but unfortunately it is a video in which a young man takes his own life.

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As we can read on platforms like Reddit, apparently this video began to be shared on the Deep Web, but they ended up uploading it to YouTube with this cryptic title. In this way, by avoiding words like “suicide” in the title or in the description, they prevented YouTube from detecting it immediately.

The video has already been removed from the platform but, as is often the case on these occasions, there are many users trying to re-upload it and it will be relatively easy to find it on the Internet.

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“Don’t watch the video. You think you’re ready, but it’s all too sudden.”

From here we strongly discourage seeing it, since They are very strong images and that can hurt the sensitivity of those who see it. A user on Reddit acknowledges that “even if you think you are ready to see it, you are not. Everything happens too fast.”

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What do we know about this video and its protagonist

And it is that the video lasts very few seconds. We see a young man sit on a sofa with an assault rifle and say the words “Nya” and “Paka” before pulling the trigger. These words mean “goodbye” in Russian.

Many sources on the Internet assure that the young man who takes his own life his name was Gleb Korablev. He was only 18 years old and in the image below we can see him at the university where he studied in Moscow:

At the moment it is unknown why this young man decided to kill himself and broadcast it over the Internet. Images of the moment after are also circulating (very graphic, obviously), but at the moment there are many unknowns about this event.

Besides how graphic and terrible this video is, it is going viral because many people distrust its veracity. Let’s not forget that we live with deepfakes, and it will be increasingly difficult to know if what we see on the Internet is real or totally false.

It is very striking the polarity that exists when it comes to “viralizing” this grotesque video: either saying that it is false or assuring that it is a type of curse that is spreading through the Internet. It says a lot about how this type of content is consumed and the distance it offers to see something through a screen.