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what it is, how much it costs, and how to share storage with family members

27 mayo, 2021

Google One is basically the paid version of Google Drive. It is Google’s cloud storage for those who need more than the free 15 GB that the company continues to offer for all Drive users.

When in May 2018 Google decided to completely renew its storage plans with cheaper ones and for the whole family, at the same time they decided to renew the brand and turn it into Google One. If you want to know everything about its prices, and how to take advantage of it to share with your relatives, keep reading.

How much does Google One cost and how to hire it

Google One Plans

Technically Google One has a free plan, that is, the 15 GB of storage that Drive gives you and that is also shared to use Gmail, Google Drive applications such as Google Docs, and Google Photos itself.

Now, Google One as a paid service adds more space with different rates than They range from as little as € 1.99 per month, up to as much as € 299.99 per month Depending on the amount of space you hire, to all the rates you can add the extra 15 GB that they give you for free:

  • 100 GB cost 1.99 euros per month
  • 200 GB cost 2.99 euros per month
  • 2 TB cost 9.99 euros per month
  • 10 TB cost 99.99 euros per month
  • 20 TB cost 199.99 euros per month
  • 30 TB cost 299.99 euros per month

If you hire the plan of 1.99 euros per month, you will get 115 GB of storage. The 100 gigs you pay for plus the 15 that Google Drive already gave you for free

To contract the service you just have to enter, log in with your Google account or create a new one, choose your storage plan and add a payment method (or use Google Play directly if you already have it configured) .

You can also do it directly from Google Drive, there in the left sidebar you will see an option to buy more space:

Buy Space In Drive

Add more space to your Google Drive

Keep in mind that you always have the option of choosing an annual billing plan and saving a little bit in the process. For example, if you decide to pay the 100 GB plan annually, it will cost you 19.99 euros per year, that is, 16% less than if you paid 1.99 per month. The 200GB costs 29.99 a year, the 2TB costs 99.99 a year. Basically, you save two months of payment in annual plans.

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How to share Google One with my family

Your Family On Google

Google One allows you to invite up to 5 members of your family, that is, you can share the space of your plan with five other people. Everyone has their own cloud with their files (these are not mixed) but the amount of storage is shared.

If you have a 200 GB plan it does not mean that each person has their own 200 GB but that the storage is shared. Now, not all files are stored in the same place, each user has their own personal Drive space. If they want to share files they can do it as they always would, with or without a plan.

Invite Family

To share your Google One storage with one or more members of your family you have to use the Google Families service, this allows you not only to share things like your Google One subscription, but other Google services such as the Google Play family collection , the calendar, or Google Keep notes.

If you don’t have a family group yet, you should use the option Create family and from there you can start inviting members by typing their Gmail addresses, they must accept the invitations before being added.

Family Storage

Once you’ve created your Google family, you can move on to sharing Google One with it. To do this, you just have to enter Google One again, click on the section “Storage“and then in”Share“right on the card that says”Share Google One with Family“.

From there you can continue managing more members of your family, check the storage space you’ve consumed and see a breakdown of how much space you’re using on every other Google service like Photos, Gmail, and Drive.