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what it really is and why so many people are upset with the service

22 mayo, 2021

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium arrived in Spain this week, the services are widely mixed, since YouTube Premium is the same as Music, but also removes the ads from the video platform. Both this and other things they have generated a lot of confusion and as a consequence, many annoying users.

The negative opinions in the Spanish app store have YouTube Music with a rating of just 1.8 stars, one of the worst ratings of all Google apps available. And the Play Store abounds with reviews from a star of users who basically hated the app.

At Genbeta we already tested and analyzed YouTube Premium and wondered if it was worth paying for something like that, especially if you already paid for another service like Spotify. How we explained before, YouTube Music is missingIt is not a mature service and with the same amount of options and advantages of Spotify or Apple Music itself, but curiously, the negative reviews from users have more to do with other things than with this.

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What YouTube Music is not free?

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And the way in which YouTube has decided to sell this product is a bit disastrous. YouTube Premium used to be YouTube Red, but when they reached more countries like Spain, they decided to change their name to Premium, and also mix it with YouTube Music. YouTube Music would come to replace Google Play Music, you can’t have Premium without Music, but you can have Music without premium.

No one can be surprised by the confusion with so many mixes and rebranding

Also, before YouTube Music as a paid music streaming service, We already had (we still have) a Music section on YouTube where you can listen to all kinds of music available on the video platform: FREE.

It comes as no surprise that people are confused, when suddenly we have a new app called YouTube Music for which it turns out that you have to pay, something that we know users “enjoy a lot”. The main complaint you see in the reviews is that to listen to music offline or in the background you have to pay for the service.

Youtube Music Apps In Google Play 2018 06 22 14 58 50 For many it seems to be unheard of that they charge you so that the music does not cut off when the screen is turned off

Used to the fact that everything on YouTube is free, the shock seems to be strong. But although these reviews are unfair, as they are premium features that you have to pay for in other services, the reality is that YouTube Music deserves many others. Y having to pay to listen in the background is perhaps the most lethal: If it’s a music app, why do you keep showing me videos that I can’t listen to without having my mobile on?

For many it seems to be unheard of that they charge you so that the music does not cut off when the screen is turned off

Things like “Spotify Free is better than paying for YouTube Music” sound quite right when the free version of Spotify lets you listen to music in the background and there you do not have to pay, not to mention that in maturity it is vastly superior. Services such as Apple Music were never affected by this type of confusion, it was always paid, the brand is not a rebranding of a rebranding Y made it clear what it was from the start.

Youtube Music Apps In Google Play 2018 06 22 14 56 28 She did know that listening in the background had never been free

For now, YouTube Music, with or without confusion, is still a somewhat inferior service to other streaming music services, and unless you’ve always listened to your music on the platform, you already have lots of playlists and it seems to be worth the expense. 10 euros a month for the new benefits, probably not going to seem like a big deal.

What is clear is that on YouTube they have created the confusion by themselves, charging the same or more than more mature services. Y, you can’t blame your users when most don’t seem to understand what you’re selling them.

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