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what they are for and how to create, modify and delete them

22 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp has become, thanks to its enormous adoption around the planet, (2,000 million users go a long way), into one of the most powerful communication tools that we can find today, and practically all of us carry it in our pocket . Hence, each new functionality is announced as an important advance in the sector, although there are also others, such as the mailing lists, which are very useful despite going more unnoticed.

Broadcast lists are useful for communicate something to many people at the same time, but without the need to create a group to do this or to have to copy and paste the same text in each of the windows. It is the equivalent of sending an email to a distribution list, but without having to decide whether to send the public or hidden copy, since everything is managed privately here. We tell you how to do it.

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How to create and use a broadcast list

How to create a broadcast list on WhatsApp

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with mailing lists. The first, that the limit of each list will be 256 contacts, at least at the time we do this tutorial. The second, that when a user from that list responds to us, a direct conversation will open between him and us. This is the main difference with groups, in which the chat is always common to all and administrators must be established so as not to lose control when there are already enough users.

Creating a broadcast list on WhatsApp is as simple as carrying out the following steps:

  • From the main WhatsApp window, click on the three vertical points in the upper right.
  • We choose “New Diffusion”.
  • We choose the contacts, one by one, that we want to be part of our list.
  • Click on the button “To create”.
  • If we want, we can rename the list to be able to recognize it later. We do it with the pencil icon that appears next to the name.
  • Once created, all you have to do is access it and Send a message, and will be received by each and every one of the contacts on the list.
  • As we said before, each response from your contacts will be individual, and no one will know what other users are on that list, or if they are on a list, unless our message seems to be sent to many at the same time.

Ready, we have already created a broadcast list and now, unless we delete it, it will always appear in our conversation list, using the same principle as the rest of the chats. If we have recently submitted something to the list, it will appear above in the total list of open chats that we have on WhatsApp. So, we move on to see how we can modify a list?

How to modify a broadcast list in WhatsApp

How to edit a broadcast list on WhatsApp

Once we have created the distribution list, or if we have created several with different people for different reasons, we can also customize them. Although in this case, we will not be able to take the customization much beyond changing the name of the list, as we said before, or add or remove users Of the same. For now, no custom icons as they do exist in groups. Here’s how to edit a list:

  • We open the list that we want to modify.
  • We click on the button of the three virtual points at the top right and then on “List Info”. Or, click on the name of the list on the window.
  • In the upper right part we will see an icon to add users, in the form of an icon a doll with the + sign. By pressing it, we will access our list of contacts to be able to incorporate more users to our distribution list.
  • If what we want is to delete users, a long press on their name will suffice and then choose “Remove X from the broadcast list”. Once this option is chosen, we will be asked for confirmation in case we have made a mistake or regret it.

How to delete a broadcast list on WhatsApp

How to delete a broadcast list on WhatsApp

Perhaps the original purpose for which we created the mailing list has disappeared, or we simply want to use other methods to communicate directly with our contacts, so what you have to do is delete the list broadcast of our WhatsApp. And the process is quite simple, since they are deleted like any other individual chat:

  • From the main WhatsApp window, we make a long press on the list that we want to delete until we select it.
  • Click on the trash can icon at the top of the window.
  • WhatsApp will ask us confirmation to delete the list, in addition to asking ourselves what to do with the files that we have sent through it, if we have.
  • Click on “Get rid of” and the broadcast list will be history.