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what they do and why some believe they are the best versions of Windows 10

23 mayo, 2021

If Windows has always been characterized by something, it is by having a large number of versions, so wide that sometimes it is ridiculous. Windows 10 is no exception to this, and today it has more than a dozen variants.

Although most personal users are primarily familiar with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, it has been around for some time. a small niche of users that is becoming fond of business versions called LTSB and LTSC, because they supposedly offer the best experience.


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Windows 10 Ltsc Enterprise 2019 Sysadmit 01

In 2016, Microsoft launched Windows 10 LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch or long-term maintenance branch), a specialized version of Windows 10 within the Enterprise, that is, it is an enterprise version. The Windows 10 LTSB kernel is based on kernel 1607.

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In 2019, Microsoft launched Windows 10 LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel or long-term maintenance channel) based on the 1809 kernel. Basically, the LTSC is the 2019 version of the LTSB. The latter incorporates all the new features of the system up to version 1809, that is, the October 2018 update of Wnidows 10.

The advantages of these business versions are several:

  • Their name means that they are extended support and offer a full 10 years of security updates.
  • They do not integrate Edge, or Cortana, or modern-apps.
  • They do not release the two mega annual updates that regular users receive.
Windows 10 Ltsc

Feature updates offered in new versions of LTSC every 2 to 3 years instead of every 6 months, and organizations can choose to install them as local updates or even skip versions over a 10-year life cycle.

Windows 10 semi-annual updates have been one of the biggest headaches for system users so far, although there have been worse releases than others, that practice of releasing a major update with new features twice a year has ended up giving Windows 10 a terrible reputation.

The LTSB and LTSC versions do not suffer from this and therefore they tend to be much more stable for longer. They also don’t integrate consumer-oriented parts of Windows 10 like Cortana or modern apps, a far cry from the start menu with Candy Crush Saga.

They are recommended for those system administrators who are thinking of implementing Windows 10 in their infrastructures and looking for a Windows 10 for business that will not receive brute changes to the system on a regular basisbut only the essential updates.

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How to get Windows 10 LTSC

Windows 10

Unfortunately being business versions not only are their licenses more expensive than those of a Windows 10 Professional, but it is also necessary to acquire a volume license, since it is a version designed for companies and organizations.

Volume licensing is part of Microsoft’s software as a service for business model, so if you buy a license for it on a third-party site, it may work, but this does not mean that it is a legitimate process. , like those one euro licenses you get on ebay to activate Windows. This obviously is not an impediment for a certain niche of users determined to use LTSC on their personal computers …

In case of obtaining the license, it is not possible to update directly from Windows 10 Pro, a clean installation has to be done, and you must bear in mind that you will not have a Microsoft Store or an image gallery.

Microsoft itself does not believe that LTSC is the best choice for all companies, they recommend the semi-annual channel because it will always have greater support for new hardware, new applications and peripherals, and curiously, they say that because they are more secure and stable …

The thing with Windows 10 is that the latest feature updates have been quite troublesome and have pushed some restless users to find ways to suffer less or eliminate potential headaches. Just as there are those reckless who insist on completely disabling Windows 10 updates, there are those who prefer to go for business solutions that are not entirely designed for them.