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What to do if Google Maps shows you a wrong location in the blue dot

24 mayo, 2021

Android’s location service is usually right when determining where you are, but sometimes it could be locating you where you are not. Although you can tell this in any app (for example, you are shown the weather for another place), one of the most common ways to find out is because the blue dot on Google Maps shows you in the wrong place.

If this is your case, there are several steps that Google’s own team recommends you to improve location accuracy on Android and fix issues related to wrong locations on Android. They are all simple steps that will not take you more than five minutes and, hopefully, they will make your mobile place you right where you are.

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1. High precision


Although the most likely thing is that you are already using the high precision mode, if you have location problems it never hurts to check that it is. To do this, long tap on the quick location setting and change the location mode to high precision.

This mode mixes GPS, location by mobile networks and via Wi-Fi to locate you more quickly both indoors and outdoors. The function has been greatly optimized over time and does not consume a lot of battery, as most apps still use approximate precision.

2. Improve accuracy

To get better

Since you are in the previous window, tap on Improve accuracy to ensure that you provide your mobile with all the means to be able to locate itself accurately. Sometimes this function is displayed as a submenu within the location menu.

The options may vary, but two that are usually there is the Search with Wi-Fi and the Search with Bluetooth. These two configurations can use both connectivity modes to improve accuracy, even if you have them disconnected at the moment.

3. Calibrate the compass


Google recommends that you calibrate the compass if Google Maps is showing your location incorrectly. Technically you can do it after opening Google Maps without further ado (the only thing necessary is that the GPS is being used), but if you want a guide on how to proceed, touch the blue point of your location and choose Calibrate compass.

You should then do a figure eight tour in the air holding your mobile, at least three times. A text at the bottom of the window tells you when the compass precision is correct (it will say that the precision is high).

4. Report wrong location

Blue Point

If nothing works, report the bug to Google and keep your fingers crossed that your report is used to improve the service. This is done from the same place, in Google Maps, by tapping on the blue point and then tapping Report a problem.

In this case you have three options that you could use: the blue point is misplaced for more than 150 m, the blue point is misplaced for less than 150 m Or simply the blue dot points in the wrong direction. By pressing Next You can add an explanatory text developing what problem you have.

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