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What to do if mobile data is not working on Android

22 mayo, 2021

If your mobile Internet connection works perfectly with Wi-Fi but stops doing it as soon as you go out, most likely something is wrong with the mobile data settings. Here we will see what you can do to fix it.

There are several reasons why mobile data might stop working. Some are more obvious than others, so here we will review all the options, from checking that they are activated to checking or reset mobile APN settings.

Is the data activated?

We are going to review all the options by level of difficulty, so that you do not waste time configuring APN if the solution was as easy as activating the data on the mobile. Therefore, the first thing you should check is exactly that, if the data is activated.

It is obvious, but we can also forget to review it sometime, especially if we usually have them always on and have disabled by mistake (for example, while the mobile was in the pocket).

The quickest way to check if data is on is to roll down the notification shutter and check that the quick setting for Mobile data Its on. If it doesn’t appear at first glance, you first need to fully display the quick settings panel.

Mobile data

Even if mobile internet may still not work even with mobile data activated (for other reasons, which we will see below), the opposite does not happen: if they are deactivated they will not work, for sure.

Roaming yes or roaming no

Another configuration section that can interfere with the connection is that of the roaming connection or roaming. Although it is normal to have it deactivated to avoid surcharges, there are specific cases in which you might need to activate the roaming connection. For example, if you use an OMV (virtual mobile operator) that your mobile does not know or if you are abroad and have free data for the European roaming or some promotion.

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As a general rule, it is better to keep data roaming disabled, but if you think that your connection loss may be related to either of the two previous cases, it never hurts to check. To do it, activate data roaming and check if the Internet connection returns.

The steps to enable data roaming may vary slightly from one customization layer to another, but are typically within Network and Internet. On pure Android, then you need to enter Mobile Network and finally, check the box Roaming. If you can’t find the option, the easiest thing is to use the options search engine in the Android settings.


After activating roaming, check if the mobile is now connecting to the Internet using mobile data. If not, it is best to deactivate it again to avoid surprises if it ever connects to a foreign network.

Do you have coverage?

Another essential for connection is coverage. If your mobile is not receiving good coverage, the Internet connection could be very slow or not available. This can happen for several reasons, that you are in a remote area or in a place with poor coverage (a parking lot or surrounded by mountains, for example) or that your mobile has a problem with its antenna or connectivity.

You can check it by looking at the coverage “bars” in the status bar, although if you want to know the specific data you need to go to the settings and enter Device information. Tapping on SIM status you are told the intensity of the signal.

Types in

The only problem here is that intensity is measured in dBm (decibel-milliwatt) and the unit is negative so it can be a bit tricky to know what is what. As guidance, -80 dBm is considered very good connectivitywhereas -110 dBm would be poor connectivity.

The invoice

Accountant 4008 603 1280

Although it seems absurd, sometimes the problem can be very simple: simply you have not paid the bill on time or you did not have enough balance on your mobile to renew your data package and your service has been cut off. The normal thing in this case is that you would have received some notification or notice, although it is possible that you have missed it.

In this case the easiest thing is that check the status of your account in the official app, to see if you still have megabytes available and that everything is in order. If so and none of the above has worked, the next culprit could be APNs.

The APN settings

APN is the acronym for “access point name” or access point name and basically it is the settings for the Internet connection. The most veteran will remember that in ancient times your operator needed to send you the configuration by means of a mobile message to be able to start using MMS and the Internet.

The good news is that, in the vast majority of cases, APNs configure themselves as soon as you insert the SIM, and you don’t need to do anything. However, there are cases in which this does not happen, and it is one of the main reasons why the data on the mobile stops working.

To configure the APNs you must go to the same section of Network and Internet that we mentioned before, entering Mobile Network and then displaying the settings Advanced. Then enter Access point names.

Access points

The first thing you should try here is a reset settings, especially if the APN list appears empty. To do so, tap on the menu and then choose Hola. This reloads the profiles included in the SIM card, and often fixes connectivity problems.


If this has not worked, or you know you need adjust APN data manually, then tap on the existing profile (or, if there isn’t one, tap the + button on the top bar to create a new one). You can then configure the access point manually with the data of your operator.


The data that you must fill in depends on your operator except the first one, name, which can be whatever you want. For the rest, you will need to enter the necessary data to configure the Internet. In most cases you just need to change the APN field, although you may need to set a specific value in MCC, MNC, authentication type or any other. If you have doubts, check with your operator.

Nothing works? Technical service

Telephone 2817221 1280

Call your operator To have a problem solved for you is not the ideal way to spend the afternoon, but if none of the above has worked for you, it will be your best option. In fact, if you are sure that your mobile is perfectly configured and everything is in order, it may be your first option if you have problems connecting to the Internet from your mobile.