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What to do if voice messages do not work on WhatsApp

25 mayo, 2021

Do you have problems with WhatsApp voice messages? Sending voice notes is very simple but sometimes due to multiple reasons, they may not work correctly for us. To solve it, there is no miracle trick that always works, but there are a series of basic instructions that we can follow to try to correct the problem. Here we leave you a little basic tutorial to fix the problems with WhatsApp voice messages.

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Voice messages not working: common solutions

Clear Cache

If the message of “Download could not be completed, please try again later“or a”Can’t configure voice recorder at this time“, then it is possible that you do have a problem with WhatsApp. This may be due for example to an update that has misconfigured WhatsApp or that you have an incorrect setting when it should not be the case.

What to do in these cases? Let’s start with the basics. Do you have an internet connection? We understand that yes. Do you have the multimedia volume up? Android has several volume levels and it is possible that although the call level is fine, the multimedia volume corresponding to the voice notes is lowered and therefore cannot be heard.

If you have logically already checked that, then we move on to the second basic recommendation. All Android applications allow you to restart them and leave them with the basic configuration. To do this we must go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Force stop. With this, what we will do is close the application. Then we just have to try again and see if it has been solved. It is the equivalent of a lifetime restart.

If restarting doesn’t work, we’ll try clearing the cache. For this we must do something similar. Let’s go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Storage> Clear cache and Clear storage. With this, what we will do is erase data that may cause interference and problems with voice notes. A solution similar to deleting the application and reinstalling it from Google Play. One last note before continuing; It is always recommended to also restart the mobile after clearing the cache.

Reconfigure the language, date or delete the folder

Voice Notes

In case the cache clearing does not work we will have to apply several solutions that may work for us. Let’s see them.

The first case is that it is a problem with the language and voice reproduction. To do this we must go to Settings> Languages ​​and check that there is one chosen. After from Voice synthesis It will be necessary to verify that there is a chosen synthesis engine, normally it is Google’s but we could have another.

The date and time of the phone are also important for WhatsApp to work properly. In this case, we must check that they have not been deconfigured due to a bad shutdown.

Another possibility is that we have some kind of corrupt file in the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder. Therefore a solution would be to connect the mobile to the computer and delete WhatsApp Voice Notes folder. By deleting it nothing happens since if the voice notes work again this folder will be created automatically.

SD memory problems


We continue with a very common problem that mainly affects old mobiles. Sometimes the voice memos are saved to the microSD card instead of the internal memory. And this may be a reason that they do not work for us since If the microSD card does not work, voice messages can cause problems.

We recommend changing the microSD card for another to verify that it is not the one who is causing the problems. To complement, you can activate the option from Settings> Storage that the internal memory and not the microSD is the default option. Another possibility is that there is no more space in the SD memory, in this case we recommend deleting other files to get enough.

This type of problem with the microSD is easy to detect since the error messages of WhatsApp usually indicate it. Be saying that the ‘download has failed‘, the ‘audio is not available‘ or the ‘file does not exist‘.

Check permissions


Our last recommendation is check that WhatsApp has the necessary permissions. To do this we must go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Permissions> Microphone. If it is not marked, we will not be able to send voice notes, although we can receive them.

These have been our tips to try to solve your problems with voice messages. It is also possible that the trick of bringing the mobile closer to listen to it through the headset does not work. This is because some mobiles do not have a proximity sensor. Whatever your situation, we leave the comments open so that you can comment with everyone how you have been able to fix it.

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