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What we expect from Android in 2019

26 mayo, 2021

The 2019 It is here, a year in which important innovations are expected in the Android ecosystem, both in the operating system and in mobile devices.

The last months of last year 2018 have advanced much of what awaits us during this new Year. Here we leave you with our forecast:

The best and worst of Android in 2018

Android Q (10) and foldable mobiles


The year 2019 will be the year of folding mobiles, or rather, tablets, with mobiles that become tablets when opened as if they were a book. Manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, LG and Lenovo will introduce their first foldable devices very soon.

Android Q will be the version of the operating system that Google will launch this year, and it is the version that adds Christmas support to folding screens. In this version Google has the great challenge of surprising us, important news and changes are expected in its update to the version Android 10. Your first preview could arrive during this first quarter of the year.

Faster updates


Project Treble began to be noticed during 2018 but manufacturers still have to update their devices much faster to the latest version of Android. Android 9 Pie has been on the market for four months now and there are still many phones from 2018 without updating. The user would not have to wait that long.

More years of support

With increasingly expensive mobile phones in the high-end, some models already exceeding a thousand euros, it does not make sense that manufacturers continue to offer two years of updates. They should follow in Apple’s footsteps and offer many more years. Until the three years Google’s support on its Pixels are already scarce. Ideally, they would offer four years, since current mobiles have the necessary power to support the new versions for many more years.

Generic System Images for everyone


On Android support, here Google will come to our rescue with the new Generic System Images, the generic factory images to install the latest version on most Android devices. What we expect in 2019 is that are much easier to install and it can be done on any Android device in just a few steps.

The end of the ‘notch’


In this new year we hope that manufacturers will find the definitive alternative to the controversial ‘notch’. Next year we will see more phones with a hole in the screen, with the retractable mechanism of the front camera or with a second rear screen. Let’s see if this 2019 any manufacturer manages to hide the camera behind the screen.


More computational photography

Night sight

The night mode is one of the characteristics that it should carry from this year to any mid-range and high-end mobile. We expect more innovation in the photography industry thanks to computer learning.

NFC in all ranges

Google Pay

In the middle of 2019 it cannot be that some manufacturers continue to launch mobile phones without NFC when contactless payments are already more than established. So this year we hope there is no mobile without NFC, although we can make the exception with Android Go.

No more mobiles with 1GB of RAM

Android Go

Nor do we want to see more new phones that hit the market with a scarce 1GB of RAM, no matter how much they are entry phones and Android Go. This 2019 we hope they will carry at least the 2 GB RAM so that they do not have problems of fluency and the new versions.

Screen Call in Spanish

Screen Call

Screen Call It is one of the new features of the Pixel that at the moment are only available in United States English. This novelty that allows us to be the Google Assistant the one who answers a call from an unknown sender to transcribe on the screen what the sender says could arrive during 2019 in more languages.

Greater control on Google Play

Google Play should put more control in its app store. First of all you should start cleaning and eliminate all those applications and games abandoned by their developers, that have not been updated for years and that no longer work in the most recent versions. Second be more demanding when approving applications, betting more on quality than quantity.